Attention, wow how low can they go?

This post is about the advertising tactics used by the lawyer groups who want that 40% of the Billions set aside for the sick and deceased Marines who were contaminated at Camp Lejeune

There is a huge push by Lawyers right now trying to cash in on the Camp Lejuene USMC base water contamination. Monies have been set aside for VETERANS and family who are suffering from exposure, NOT FOR GREEDY LAWYERS TO STRIP THE FLESH OF BONES OF THE AWARDED.

Point in fact:
To a Veteran, when hearing the word “attention” at the beginning of the commercials, really pisses me off, time and time. How DARE they call USMC exposed Veterans to attention. It is despicable to use this word on us. Veterans suffer everyday, being reminded EVERY TIME A COMMERCIAL PLAYS is adding insults upon injury. I’m kinda half way convinced to petition to my Congressman that the TV Ombudsman DO HIS ■■■■■■■ JOB, protect us from the VULTURES using audio warfare to get in our pockets undeservedly.
This is disgraceful! Being called to attention to listen to lies, trickery, deceitful manipulation of the written word.
Our courts are somewhat to blame, the USMC has the lions share of the blame, but what is even lower is the THEFT from the fallen.
Tell me I’m wrong!!


The crap’s everywhere on my msm feed and emails as well.


I hear you, I get 6 to 12 emails every day :-1:


The part I laugh at is I was there,. In 1988 not 1987 or before. It is an annoying add that pops up over and over.