Lawyers feeding on the misery of our Troops


And how many have passed who never knew what killed them? Their own government. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You are overlooking the problem with the whole “you owe us nothing if you don’t win” scenario. If you win, your settlement may not cover their legal costs, so you will still owe the lawyers money.


Larry, I didn’t go into the Lawyers sales pitch as that would be another rabbit warren to go down. I haven’t overlooked any of their trickery, it’s the reason I’m DISGUSTED. I’m making the statement in my post in GENERAL ABOUT THE LAWYERS BEHAVIOR, More than happy to converse with you over the deceitful manipulation of injured Troops who FOUGHT FOE ALL OF AMERICA, EVEN scum lawyers. You know what gets my goat? Lawyers have the audacity to use the title Esq.
Esq is short for Esquire, an English title for a Gentleman. Ha, Lawyers are the furthest thing from Gentleman or Ladies. They are ROBBING OUR BOYS AND GIRLS OF WHAT THEY ARE TRULY ENTITLED TO. NOT 60% OF IT.
I overlooked nothing my friend just didn’t want to get started on the details of deception.


:slightly_smiling_face: No worries.

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took me 6+ years of making sure I refiled every 6 months. but, I finally got my disability from the va. with back pay. all of my injuries were from the gulf war 1991(desert storm) for 12 years after my service I just dealt with my injuries and/or exposer to the chemicals. but eventually it caught up to me.
one thing I always avoided was the lawyers who promised the world