The Camp Lejeune Fiasco

Anybody want to guess how much $$ this situation will add up to? It’ll certainly be another field day for the ambulance-chasers. 1953 to 1987 - ohmygawdohshit! - as the British might react.


Contaminated drinking water?
My guess what you’re posting about based on the 20 emails a day I get on this…


I’m starting to believe I was stationed there!


Any reputable Veteran Service Officer can file the claim for you at no cost if you are a veteran who served. Civilians and dependents should contact the ambulance chasers!

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Health Issues | Veterans Affairs


You do bad things,you get caught years later, oh boo hoo.

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So it is an absolute shame our Government turned a blind eye to the ongoings for years. This, in my opinion is only half of the tragedy. The other half is the Lawyers. Scum parasites feeding on the misery of OUR BLESSED TROOPS. Now let’s be honest here, the money has been set aside, FOR THE VICTIMS, not 30-45% to go to the vampires. This whole system of having to give over such a high percentage to a person who never suffered or is still suffering like OUR BLESSED TROOPS. MAKES ME SICK. Lawyers didn’t suffer for decades, so why do they get a HUGE SHARE. SUFFER IN MISERY BECAUSE LAWYERS STEAL FROM OUR TROOPS.
let’s change the laws to protect the claim awards for our troops not lawyers. I’m so utterly disgusted by lawyers and their diabolical STEALING because, why?
In a God fearing society ALL should try to raise our brothers and sisters up, not stand on their decaying carcus, whilst smiling behind the wheel of another new Mercedes.


I have never been there, was in the USAF and I am getting 20 emails a day too.

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US Army in the 70’s, spent my time in Europe and I get like 10 messages a day…

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Passed through a couple of times, while I was in military. Back in the 80’s.

Don’t have any issues so I just ignore all the email I get from attorneys asking to represent me.

Don’t believe in taking anything unless it has positively affected me.


Thank you for your Service. You are not alone in that.

I spent 20 years writing VA disability claims for vets. You would be amazed at how many smell the money and apply with not a snowballs chance in hell of getting a dime.

This type of claim is called a “Presumptive Claim”. If you were there and come down with one of the conditions listed, your claim will be granted.


First you make some good points about lawyers , unfortunately , if our government had acted properly we would not have needed the lawyers to hold their feet to the fire. And recent news about the Hawaii troubles only proves that they will still act callously unless we all demand action. And from my personal experience,I was at Lejeune and several other Marine and Air Force bases , if an engine bay on jet aircraft had to be cleaned we were given " dry cleaning fluid ". Look up what chemicals were in those five gallon cans. Luckily I got away with only Prostate Cancer.