US Turns Wounded Soldiers Into Hunters

Since most (if not all of us) are patriotic and support our military and vets, I wanted to share this story with the group. As a father of a young daughter, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the efforts they are taking to fight a problem that is insane…Child Pornography.

The way I see it, these disabled vets are working to find the predators before they try and get to our kids which might force us to deal with them in more lethal ways. Thus, keeping us law abiding and giving us a hand protecting our most cherished assets!


Absolutely @Erik10!!

I’ve seen some podcast interviews (ok they were on YouTube) with a few of these guys and I have sooo much respect for them and am thankful for their continued service.

As I posted on another thread, Prez Trump and AG Barr have made it a priority to take these animals down.
@Erik10 Thanks for the article, it was a good read. :+1:

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excuse my French but OUT-F**KIN-STANDING! This is great and I plan on looking into this more. I wonder if they do this in many areas. Although I am a combat vet, I am good to go but my wife is struggling right now physically and mentally as a disabled Vet.


Let us all know what you find! Luckily, I’m a vet as well and whatever I can do to help a fellow vet…just ask. Doesn’t matter if you were in before or after me, I respect and support you all.

@Erik10 thanks for sharing that. It makes sense to me to put well-trained vets to work to protect our families from sickos. It gives them a job and helps support their families. As a family member of a long list a military men and women, people forget about their families and how It can affect them. So every opportunity that we can give our vets after they’re done serving their country is great. Military men and women do not get respect there dew from society and government. We must stand by and stand up for those who risked everything for their country.

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Search adrenochrome, and how it is harvested…hmmm wonder where all the missing children have gone??? so sick…child sex slaves…so sick…

What about our Vets protecting our schools?

Thanks for sharing!

Most schools either can’t pay for or don’t want the image of armed security at their school because of the PTA. The parents are really the biggest issue for most schools. You have helicopter soccer mom stirring the other moms up and that pressure tends to shut down any sensible action.

Do we get tags for the hunt?

No, but you get to keep their Mugshot as a trophy.

I’m a retired Army vet, where do I sign up?

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@Richard263 Here you go, good luck if you do. :+1:
Go to their web site and click on FAQs.

Homeland Security Investigations
HERO Program Manager

Chris Moore, HSI
(703) 344-0145

General Information
National Association to Protect Children
(865) 525-0901


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