At what point do YOU become LAWLESS

I fear that before this year’s Presidential election that there will be a tipping point. If not before, then if the outcome results in 4 more years of what has transpired in the last 4 years most definitely. WROL is taking place in major metropolitan areas as I speak and through no cash bail, revolving door district and state attorneys, along with defunding of police departments as well as lack of new recruits and retirements. I feel that this nation is on the brink of chaos.

I also feel that the open border being obviously by design to bolster populations in certain areas to gain control of redistricting with the ultimate goal of insurmountable electoral college outcomes has a more insidious goal. Mostly military aged men from a plethora of adversarial countries come through our borders in waves. When these factions start wreaking havoc the powers that be will have to step in for our safety.

The deal will then be sealed. Mandatory civilian disarmament, you know for our safety. One party democracy.

I know many of you here have and can add to my thoughts. I want to know what YOU think. Let’s discuss. We are by creed and I feel when the SHTF at a SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE as “responsibly armed gun owners.”

We are responsible, law abiding, thoughtful, reserved, observant and we avoid confrontation if at all possible.


To me. I am 2 hours south of Chitcago. 20 minutes north of the remnants of Chitcago’s dumping of the Cabrini Green housing some 20 years ago which destroyed Decatur,Illinois. 45 miles west of Champaign,Illinois, the downstate darling of liberalism and rampant crime they try to compare as being less than Decatur. There’s progress for you.

I am in a red county which believe me, will not take no $hit. Being an agricultural community with flat plains and knowing there are 3 main highways from which the ■■■■ will come I am confident even when they have ransacked and pillaged their bastions of progress that venturing here will be known to them not to be in their best interest.

If they come the “word” will quickly spread. Flatland for miles, lanes/fields of fire and easy targeting. MANY households of individuals pi$$ed off by what has taken place these past 4 years. I don’t pity those that would come. Same goes for any organized gang(s) of criminals or terrorists. The farm boys don’t play.

How do you see it? I know we all would defend hearth, kin and innocent. Where you live when would you go on the offensive?


Where we ALL LIVE (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS), according to Resident Joke BiteMe, AMERICAN CITIZENS who exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are LAWLESS. Hence, since he’s been installed in the White House, basically, all he has been concentrating on is disarming US citizens, “Banning Assault Weapons of War”, creating “The Office of Gun Violence” (guns aren’t violent, STUPID :roll_eyes:), spends all his time and energy BACK-STABBING the OATH he took to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA by depriving AMERICAN CITIZENS of THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! This will be my third vote for Trump, AGAIN!! This COUNTRY needs to be returned back to the rightful AMERICAN Liberty and Freedom citizens, and for a TRUE AMERICAN PRESIDENTUAL LEADER that believes and upholds the OATH of the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!! NOT THE UK!! “LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!” :man_facepalming:. Resident Joke BiteMe :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: you are in the wrong Country!!! The Resident NEEDS TO BE VOTED OUT!! Make way for a PRESIDENT THAT WILL “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” (MAGA)


Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. That said, in the last couple of years I’ve been caught in two protests in downtown SLC, Roe v Wade and BLM. I was accosted by participants in both. I can see things getting wild here after an election loss. I for one will try to stay away from the lunacy.


One Party Democracy??? - More like a One Party Dictatorship. Obama does not wan to have control taken away from him and his One World Order billionaires.


We’re already too late!
There’s a passage in our DECLARATION, ( I’ll be paraphrasing ) that says once the government by and for the people phucks up, the people are required to abolish said phuck ups. The first two ways to accomplish this are through the first amendment and when that fails, and it has, the 2A can and should be invoked as well as the 25th amendment.
Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box! Pine box!

It took 3% to win a revolution, now 80% can’t call a woman a woman or a man a man. High ranking military officials don’t know which bathroom to use are instructing our MEN and WOMEN how to kill, with fingernail polish? WTF.

This MFr is telling me about HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES and this is leading us into a war, we will surely lose! We deserve to lose!
When was the last time you saw an MS13 killer in a dress?
This country is on a suicide mission and there’s no hotline to call!


If you ask me, we are the lunatics! Way too far!

Alice in Wonderland had it easy, SHE SAW A WAY OUT AND TOOK IT!

LAWLESS, we’re way past that! We’ve been subverted and trained to be docile! Open your eyes, who are the real sheep in today’s society? We talk big, while banging on a keyboard, while they take from you EVERYTHING you’ve ever worked for and fought for!

Trump will not be president, there will be NO fair election and if you dare associate with Trump, you will be gassed in more ways than one.
We’re living in 1939, we will die like six million others have!
Don’t believe me, look out your windows!

The country IS lawless, we’re just too afraid to fight back!
Crime is rampant, terrorism is next!

We’ve just become wussies! They’ve cut off communications, ( along with other anatomy ) they’ve destroyed sovereignty, they want to cut off my son’s dick, because he wore mommas heels one day and if I don’t approve, I GO TO JAIL! WTF.
Like I said, way the phuck tooooooooooo late!

We’ve played the game long enough, platoons, brigades even armies of enemies have infiltrated our land. It only took, a total of 19 to plan and execute 9/11!
Personally if they want to nuke NY or any blue state, I say go for it.

I do have a peaceful solution.
The Demons want to live in a socialist society, live that way. But us normal people, have every right to live peacefully.
Example, if they want to pay $6.00 for gas, go for it, I get to pay $1.19.
They want to legalize murder and rape, enjoy your day. I retain the right to deal with you as I see fit. If you want to drive an electric car and I see you stranded on the road, on fire in 18 inches of snow, FO!
Lawless, no. Apathetic, completely!


All I can add is: Fortuna Eruditis Favet



I agree with all the above we are doomed AS Americans


We’re seeing these transpire every year, month, day…and it led to the fall of The Roman Empire…and its leading to the fall of America from within!

  1. Invasion by barbarians (in our case illegals)
  2. Economic troubles ($1.5T in spending and still counting…enough!)
  3. The Rise of Eastern Empire (China/Russia in our case)
  4. Government Corruption and Political Instability (show me a honest politician and I’ll show you their headstone)
  5. Weakening of the Legions (Military)

Sound familiar??!!???



We are the powers to be to step in for our safety. I feel confident.


I believe there is a very high chance that no matter which one of the current two options wins there will be a significant amount of strife. Both by dissatisfied voters and those looking to further their agendas by actively manufacturing conflict and chaos.

Think the only chance to avoid that is for an outsider third party candidate to win. But the odds of that happening in our rigged two party political system are right about 0%:frowning:


I wasn’t aware of any current WROL taking place and I’m in a major metro area right now. Any specifocs on where we currently have WROL?

This isn’t a phrase to throw around lightly


Are there any areas where you live where you would not go? curious

In my opinion when repeat violent offenders especially are released to continue their behavior, that is WROL. Our southern border again WROL. A federal government which defies this nation’s constitution and laws is WROL.

I am a simple man. Laws as well as our constitution were enacted and ratified for reasons we all are supposed to abide by. When that doesn’t happen and our federal and state governments even usurp laws and constitution WROL. The examples stare us in the face every day. JMHO


We have different definitions of WROL, then.

Possibly, the entire history of the United States qualifies. If release of offenders is all that’s necessary, I don’t think you can find a time/place that has not been true. It is a meaningless phrase if we are just going to apply to to the US in general.

To my understanding, WROL of more of a…there no police to call, nobody is coming, nobody is being arrested, nobody is being charged, there is no entity seeing to anything it’s basically like Water World or Mad Max. Maybe in the US a close approximation could be something like CHAZ but bigger in scale.

I am glad live in Polk County Florida. we will be one of the last strongholds in my opinion. Riots if Trump wins a lot of do nothing surrenders if Biden steals again. When the government becomes tyrannical then rebellion is our duty which makes it lawful. The world is about to burn and i’m bringing marshmallows. Copper jacketed marshmallows


When it’s forced upon me.


I hope not/doubt this, and certainly don’t want it


@Trever1 :fireworks: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER. :fireworks:



Trever, Happy B’day Brother! ’ Let them eat cake!’ M. Antoinette, France
16, October 1793 (Date of Death) (37) and was already a poster child Tyrannical Monster. THAT is how you deal w/ Political Monsters

America, take notes.
WE are stronger than that!
What MAY happen is a fight.
And many good people are going to perish.
Even as woke as some have gotten, as the tee shirt say’s
‘There are more of us than there is of them’.
They can’t possibly hang us all.
I believe letting them get away from J6 was a mistake
IF the SHTF this time, no matter what the cause, election stealing, Military turned on us, there will be blood in the streets. THEIR BLOOD


Happy Birthday Brother AMERICA STRONG!


God bless Sheriff Judd.


I hope that the world does not devolve to a point where it is Americans killing other Americans because their chosen octogenarian is not elected to office, but that possibility exists. If history is any guide – consider the Russian and Chinese revolutions – millions of people die in armed political conflict and the result can be much worse. Stalin and Mao were much worse than the Czar or the Emperor.