Arsenal Strike One Pistols

Does anyone have any recent news about these? This is one of the higher-end makes in .40 and .45 I’ve been trying to shop, but I’ve read that this model is now discontinued. Their website is a miserable, piss-pathetic affair, on top of everything else.

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Never heard of them (outside of occasionally the context of an AKM type rifle/firearm)

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New pistols import to USA has been discontinued few years ago.

You can still buy this model at GunBroker.

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May be a sign from God about the quality of the firearm the company produces.

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It may. I could see that thought process. But at the same time, though I don’t know how it is now, the Glock website used to be an epic joke in that literally there were multiple models of pistol that had been out for awhile and they didn’t even show up on the Glock website because it was so outdated and poor.

Still, these days, if a website is so bad, I would kind of question how much attention to detail or care for consumer experience the company may have…


Regarding Glock - I’ve read that another new design is now being test-marketed in Europe with a rotating barrel, like the Beretta “Storm” - this has to be the “GEN 6” at least by now - time will tell. FYI

  • The Gen 6 43 will have be a triple stack, which they will call the 43 Super.
  • There will be no model 17 in Gen 6
  • Gen 6 will have finger grooves
  • Gen 6 will have an improved quad stage trigger

And there will be one more line of stippling on the grip.


Nix the Strike One - after taking a second look, the pistol’s large, full-length chassis is made from 7075 aluminum, not steel - I was overcome by its impressive low-bore axis and other features.

They will start to call it “Glock IOS”… to keep up with Apple and Android…
In a few years we should see Glock IOS 16. (Smart handgun compatible with phones) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Glock AI :rofl:

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Selbstschießen Glock… :grin:

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