The new glocks?

Does anyone have any recent news or info - bad or good - about Glock’s rotary-barrel pistol? The only news I’ve had is that it’s still marketed only in Europe, while they’ve ceased production on 9mm and .40 Gen4 models for the American market.

Haven’t heard anything about it at all.

Whenever they release the “Gen6”, I hope to hell they offer some decent barrel lengths, and a “no-tools” backstrap option.

What’s wrong with all the current barrel length options?

They cover all of the common and proven barrel lengths for desired performance and also carryability and concealability…but there are even long slide versions with extra long slides if they aren’t really for carry/concealment


They should offer 4.5.A case in point is the Beretta “Storm” -

Ignore that reply.

Not actually recent news. Glock was working on model G46 in 2017 and it was adopted by German Military in 2019.

I’m not sure if this model will be available for us in US. If I’m not mistaken, G46 is not available for civilians in Europe as well.

We already had G48… so I’m not sure what might be the reason for us to look for G46… :wink:


that pistol is only for European LE/Military use only. They didn’t stop production on the GEN4 pistols, they LE/military use only, thats why the GEN3 is available now. law enforcement agencies switched to the GEN4 Glocks.

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Also Glock is no longer going to produce the Glock 17 or the 17MOS. They are removing this model from their line up and replacing it with the Glock 47 GEN5 MOS…

Yeah. And I can see inconsistency in numbering… After 40 years the replacement should be G57… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously… Only G17 Gen5 MOS will be no longer manufactured.
Non MOS versions remain the same.
(That’s what Glock Marketing Department said in January 2023).

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They are still making the 17, just not as an MOS

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