Armed Good Samaritan Puts Quick End to Suspect's Robbery Attempt: Police

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Armed Good Samaritan Puts Quick End to Suspect’s Robbery Attempt: Police (

Police say a man who allegedly pistol-whipped an employee at a dollar store during an armed robbery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last week is in jail thanks to the actions of an armed good Samaritan. The story is yet another example of how risky it is becoming for criminals who the anti-gun left would prefer to be the only ones in our society who are armed. But waving a gun around no longer puts criminals as those solely in command of situations or as the ultimate decision-makers in regard to who lives or dies during their acts of community terror. That is especially true in states that prioritize the Second Amendment rights of everyday citizens. Those citizens have made headlines across the country more and more in recent months for standing their ground against violent and dangerous people. If it weren’t for Florida’s gun laws, a Family Dollar clerk in Fort Lauderdale might very well have been killed. Instead, his alleged attacker is in jail and is staring down what you would imagine would be a lengthy prison sentence if he is convicted.


I was really, really, really hoping that was an old ‘File photo’ of this
young man. Quick end…should have read the article before getting
my hopes up.

.I AM NOT Blood=thirsty! Muahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


Apparently, he was afraid to die when the odds are even. :thinking:


Well Done: 13-Year-Old Takes Mom’s Gun After She Freezes and Shoots Would-Be Home Invader

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This happened here in AZ.


And yet, some states have laws making it illegal for children to even touch a firearm, much less train how to properly handle and shoot them. We then read the numerous stories like this one proving disarmament will only make us less safe.


Is it legal to shoot a person in a robbery shooting while trying to flee

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I assume you mean the robber, it usually is not legal to shoot someone in the back who is fleeing. Go figure. :thinking:
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Yes the robber knowing he just shot someone

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If he’s not shooting at you, usually not, unless your an LEO.


Yes the robber knowing he just shot someone

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Generally in most places you or another innocent person needs to be under imminent threat of death or severe bodily harm in order to use deadly force in defense of self and others. Once the robber was fleeing they are likely no longer a threat.

If a reasonable person had a reasonable belief that the robber was just repositioning to continue their attack they might be justified in continuing to engage the threat. But proving that someone was still under imminent threat will likely be more difficult in that case and potentially expose the defender to more legal consequences.

That is my interpretation of the laws that I have read. But I am not a lawyer so would suggest reviewing the laws in your area and/or asking a lawyer.


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Very true, and in Virginia, you are not “allowed” to do that, but there have been a number of incidents where the fleeing felon was shot and the grand jury declined to indict. It used to not be an issue back as late as the 1970s to shoot fleeing criminals, regardless of what crime they just committed. Then DAs became bleeding hearts about the plight of those poor criminals, forgetting entirely the plight of their victims.


This is true what you said Brother,
In Nuevo Meh-icko Concealed carry Permit Holders
aren’t even allowed to carry anymore much less use a firearm to defend themselves!.
No, No, No evil Gunner, you cain’t carry until you Ax us ‘pwetty pweeeese!’
(and the answer will still be no)

Today we just have to survive.
If we are put in a position we need to defend Home 'n Hearth we better do it!
No hesitation, Over thinking of ‘consequences’ or ‘What if’s’ will get you DEAD!
It’s a crap shoot (call it a biden) on what kind of reception you will get these days
from the Badge, the courts, public opinion, :face_vomiting:Media.
You may get lucky and get a PASS! Are you known for being Lottery Winning Lucky?
You may get Convicted of murder, your house given to the ‘Close’ knit family of (200) from Venezuela.
Your family out on the streets.
The ‘Migrants’ are the NEW AMERICAN’S!
More rights/Benefits given freely than US.
There is a Vid posted by BRUCE26 w/ Tucker Carlson that EVERYONE should see
“If I tell you what I know i would be taken out”
America is Phucked.
The ‘crim’s’ will be running the Asylum very soon.

This situation should have ended a long time ago.

Warriors were never trained to retire.


Ive seen/read/received a bunch of emails stating that the end could be near. A power grid meltdown among other things. Time will tell.

I wonder if you meant you were trying to flee and shooting behind you at a robbery. I feel like that would be dangerous. It would probably be best to focus on fleeing if you’re gonna flee. You could chase the robber to try and get a description of a vehicle or person and if they turn towards you to stop you in my opinion they are still the aggressor because they initiated the situation. It’s not recommended though.

Yup! It’s dangerous being a criminal, as it should be!!! I remember hearing Colion Noir talk about how new numbers or hidden numbers or some kind of numbers we hadn’t seen till recently suggested that most mass shooters or a higher then thought percent of mass shooters were stopped by armed civilians rather then LEO’s. More evidence that the founders might have known a thing or two.

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