Maybe it is time to stage a weapon! I used to keep my shotgun staged 24/7/365! Now with all our doctors appointments and therapy sessions, I keep all but my EDC in a safe. What concerns me about my safe, these days, is it’s electronic. One EMP and all I have left is my EDC a dozen or so loaded mags and an extra 200 rounds!


I work outside the home 13 hours per day 5 days a week…

All my babies aside from my EDC live in the safe :frowning:


I’d suggest a different aafe. You hit the nail on the head, I won’t trust an electronic safe. Everything electronic can be disabled or hacked.


The door won’t matter if I’m swatted. Might as well be comfortable if they are going to smoke me out.


I wouldnt’ get an electronic safe unless it has a key backup

And I wouldn’t get an electronic lock for the storage safe…only consider it for quicker access ‘staged’ safes.

My preference


Nope! If you know that there is no reason as to why they are at your door knocking, call 911 to verify if they sent anyone to your address, and have 911 send a uniformed officer immediately.


20 years ago, who was thinking we would or seriously could be EMP’d❓
If it was in my budget, it would be replaced. No doubt it would be twice the size and would have to be refilled!


Scott 52 . I Love how you have your.DOOR SIR . No one is coming in till you .are ready for them to :bangbang:YES SIR . I was. SECURITY. For . Some time!! And I . Was the person you.WOULD CALL FOR YOUR. Fire DOORS. GATES. Any thing doors .ATTIC. To hidden Doors. To your vehicle doors straight up the wall . To your electric gate. . To air plain. Tail, fin. Doors for 747.jets. To . And Prison. Gates. And DOORS. To boat. Dock houses. Electric doors. A master door installer!! A . Door with in A door or an electrical wall. ,!! Name it I . Can do it . Tractor trailers. Doors. Vertical. High lift doors . That runs straight up the wall . I . Have hidden walls no safe. . I can also make range targets go an come back to you. I . Made . A living. Making rooms DISAPPEAR :bangbang::chile::us::feather::feather::100::100::100::notes::notes::notes::beer::popcorn::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::bangbang::bangbang:

jerzees. THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE THAT CALL . They are not knocking . A simple call . . JUST LIKE YOUR BOATING ACCIDENT. Very sad . You are my hero . Love Bobby jean they found that hidden room. . Oops :chile::us::feather::feather:have a Root Beer :beer: Brother .!!