Four Scenarios to Drive an Active Response:

When considering to engage in giving aid to a potential victim of a crime, watch for the following actions:

  1. A firearm is discharged

  2. Actual violence erupts

  3. They start searching patrons or people

  4. The order everyone to “lie down” or start herding them into another room.

Always have an If/Then mindset and prepare with a response strategy accordingly.
What advice would you add?


I am not a LEO. So my first priority is to get out and call 911 immediately. If my life was in danger, then I would fall back on my training. What I do then depends 100% on the situation.

Let’s say your escape was blocked and calling 9-1-1 would compromise your location. What then?

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@Major_Paul I would fall back to my defensive training. It then would depend on the exact scenario. There are too many variables to give you a definitive response.