Are you a gun safety advocate?

If think “Gun Safety Advocate” sounds like a buzz-phrase for gun-control groups, you’d be right - they’re trying to use that phrase for more gun control.

But really, who are the gun safety advocates?

How do you advocate for gun safety?


I’m a GUN-SAFETY ADVOCATE. I’m a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and an Affiliate Firearms Instructor with the USCCA. And I believe in what Mike Rowe says. That if you own a firearm you should know how to use it, handle it safely, and maintain it. and I also love teaching people how to shoot safely and have fun doing it.



“I FULLY support Gun-Safety - keepin my Guns locked in my SAFE and away from my government!” lol.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

I haven’t read the article, yet, but I personally feel that “Gun-Safety Advocate” is a Buzz word that should be embraced by the Responsibly-Armed. As an instructor, it is my responsibility to make sure that my students understand that firearms are in and of themselves an “inert tool,” but they can be employed by someone to cause grievous harm to themselves or others. So, when one is handling or using any firearm, they need to know how to do it “safely.” At the end of the day, anybody could cause grievous harm to someone else with a hammer, or a screwdriver, (or if you’re John Wick, a Pencil. :wink: ) or any other “tool.” People need to learn how to use them “safely,” too. But I doubt we’ll be seeing “Hammer-Safety Advocates” anytime soon…


WHAT HE SAID!!! (He just typed faster!)


LOL! Read the article and watch the video - you’ll love it, @FLAG_Mark!

@Reloader54 - I LOVE Mike Rowe, however I’d argue with his first line there. You don’t need a firearm to be a man’s man. You need to have the desire and commitment to defend your family to be a man’s man.

And what about females who carry? Are we a man’s man? :rofl: Sorry, couldn’t resist!!


I would say I’m a firearm safety advocate. Following safe firearms practices is tantamount to being a responsible gun owner. You have to think about things like safe storage, safe cleaning practices, and so on. Once you master the safety aspect, you have to turn it up a notch. Think of every possible scenario where YOUR gun could be exposes. At home, at the range. Traveling. And God forbid, if you ever have to present that weapon in defense of life. That is not the time to be having to think about if you kept innocent life safe. With new shooters, the proverbial “kid gloves” should be used. Don’t insult the intelligence of a new shooter, while not assuming anything they might know about gun safety.


:grin: yeah, I kinda think we are. Also a Man’s Woman… at least to my warrior husband’s way of thinking. And also a Women’s Woman, if the Ladies Night group I joined at the range this week is any indication.

What makes me a gun safety advocate… I take the opportunities offered to talk with people about firearms, educate, treat it like it’s a normal everyday thing, and give them a chance to air and explore their anxieties and fears with someone whos keeping it calm and rational.


The more we talk about it in a respectful, positive manner, the more it will become a normal everyday thing. The conversations will help take away the stigma surrounding firearms and self-defense… hopefully.


After all the information that I have learned from USCCA and going through my CCW class. Its super frustrating to me to be going about my business an see someone have there car door open with no one in it. An I see there gun wedged in between the driver seat and centre console. The owner of the car is in side the business doing his thing an im thinking to myself what if I was a bad person… anyway this really upset me as this person is so careless for everyone’s wellbean.

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