Are we being conditioned?

Isn’t it a natural reaction for people chase away a robber in the act of stealing! If employees didn’t take their job a little personally, there would be no corporations.
It’s the little guy that makes it possible for corporate leaders to feed their trophy wives/extra marital affairs!

Seems like big corporations are allowing and even condoning robberies. Shouldn’t the handbook just state, “we allow robberies, have a nice day, thank for stealing from us, come back soon, no one will attempt to stop you!”
This, IMHO, is ludicrous!

FYI, If you’re going to ask , yes, I’ve been robbed, at gun point! That’s the only time I think the answer is, yes sir, of course, take what you will! Don’t give chase! But if we’re not going to stop petty theft, well, broken windows philosophy!
Maybe the two fired employees should come back and rob the place blind❓ The handbook clearly states, that bad guy is in charge! Even stores with “security” are reprimanded when trying to stop theft!
I think I’ll start investing in “Thieves R Us”


Yes. They are trying to condition workers and thieves. Idiots abound at the top. :slightly_frowning_face:


Devils Advocate:
We talk about protecting lives not stuff. We train to determine the level of threat and the appropriate response. So in the case of retail theft (R manages a national brand store in an upscale mall) do we ask the store managers to put themselves in harms way for a $100.00 pair of jeans? Should we require the 19 yo $15.00/hr sales associate to try to retrieve the $25.00 socks? R got reprimanded for chasing a guy down and grabbing a $700.00 leather jacket that he had simply walked and put on and walked out with. He pretty much told her, call the cops they won’t do anything, thankfully a mall security guard walked up and defused the situation and let the guy walk off with the jacket.


Why can’t we turn the table and say: the robber is the one that is putting his life value at “$X”. We all have been conditioned.


I can understand the corporate lawyers not wanting staff physically confronting thieves. Especially when the police and local authorities have no interest in stopping these crimes anymore. But sounds like these folks were fired for asking the thieves not to steal things and for calling the police.

They also may have recorded the thieves which could have put them at risk if the thieves became unnecessarily worried about having their faces on camera. Would be better if the store just had good cameras to record the event and the employees knew they didn’t need to gather additional evidence.

I personally don’t think it is worth the risk for retail employees to try and stop criminals. Especially low paid unarmed and untrained employees. But they should be able to say “hey you are being recorded on camera and the police are on the way”. Ideally we would have a functioning police force and criminal justice system that would make that statement something to be concerned about. But the current messaging seems to be that it is OK to steal without threat of consequences as long as you feel you are entitled to the stuff you are taking.


You know, when I was about 11 years old, I stole a ¢10 musketeers chocolate bar,( sure, I was scared to death about getting caught and my dad finding out ), However, just outside the candy store were 3 giant mooks clad in black leather jackets. One with a bat, one with a chain and one with an attitude. TEN CENTS❗️we’ve come along way, now it’s $950.00❓I never stole another thing since that day!
They didn’t call them, the “neighborhood watch” back then, they just were! You never saw them, until you F##ked up!

When I was 13 I seen them put a guys head through a car windshield. The rest of his lifeless body hanging on the hood. There were NO car break ins, no car jackings, no rapes, no burglaries, no murders, ( ok, maybe one! ) no pedophiles. ( we could sleep with the windows open, what a concept ). You could drop your bike in front of your house, run in, have lunch, and holy moly, your bike was still there when you came out!

What we really need are more lifeless hood ornaments, my bad that’s called, BLING now!


In part, unintended consequences. There are plenty of folks out there who, if they expected lethal force response to walking away with an article of clothing, would just go ahead and jump right to walking up to the employee and stabbing them a few times before turning to walk out with the article of clothing. Similarly to how someone might just walk off with the jacket knowing nobody is going to use force to stop them, if they expect force, and want the jacket…they’ll just use (lethal) force without warning and then walk off with the jacket while everyone is occupied trying to keep whomever they stabbed from bleeding out

What state what year?


Stores don’t care about robberies, and if they catch the guy they actually make a profit.

My old store manager had somebody break in the middle of the night in one of the gas stations she managed before working at my store.

Guy broke in grab a bunch of stuff ran off with it while they were closed, cops ended up finding them, insurance got involved and recouped the money, police department has all the merchandise in the evidence room, dudes in jail, he offs himself, there’s no longer a court case, evidence is brought back to the store for resale.

So they recouped the money they lost, got the product back as well, and then resold the product.

If you fight back and retaliate, the insurance company may not be able to cover the claim and deny it, as well as the store could be sued for an employees misconduct.

Tons of benefits for the company, so much abuse to the employee.


The Fred Meyers Store has the hours changed and is closing earlier to eliminate the amount of stealing going on. The door person who watches the door is menacing but loves the food I cook, cannot give chase or stop them.
Even the Gas station next to my work which is a convenient store is now closing at night after being robbed.
Corporate stores are covered for this but just because you can does not make it right.


One of today’s greatest problems (which are many)
Is there is zero accountability for someones actions
Unless you are a good guy w/ a gun and you just prevented
a bad guy from robbing, raping, assaulting an Innocent,
then all bets are off and some lump of sh-- like Alvin
and his chipmunks in NYC will try and bring hellfire down on you.
We probably will eventually need to ‘COMMUNICATE’ with these
soulless moron’s in the near future. This HAS to happen for
any of us to be able to live some semblance of a normal life.
You ‘whittle’ down the truly bad apples and the rest (Not irredeemable)
Will say I don’t wants to dye bein’ it’s jus’ a letha jackeet!
One day mister MOOK will understand there is accountability for their actions.
This administration wants to give every (non white) a house , two cars, and a get
outta jail free card for life. When I was (17) I was a biker wanna-be, Leather jacket,A ‘Cut’
w/ Lower rocker already, bike boots, hair down to my A–, and an attitude (hard to believe right).
These truly brain dead gentlemen w/ a tan tried to steal three of our Bikes parked
in front of our bar a Veterans bar (usually 40-50 Bikes lined up in military precision)…I mean
how friggin’ stoopid are you to do that? You MUST have a death wish!. There was
usually one of us out there smokin’ a bone, or making a fool of ourselves with the
opposite sex etc… Short version, they got ‘caught’. One of the Bikes was mine.
He took two swings @ me, called me some names (wow, big deal)…but he pissed me off!
I wore a Garrison belt since High School…I looped it around this one 110 lb.guy and flipped him over my shoulder and out onto Jamaica Ave. and he got hit by a car. DOA! His last meal was a
windshield of a Gran Torino (I really felt bad about that…the Torino owner that is).
I guess he was my first bad guy I dispatched to the hereafter.
The other two were broken and bloodied but still had a pulse. Cops came and we are sitting
on our Bikes (drinking beers and shooters) and looking @ the Road kill in the street. He bounced, he didn’t stick! The Torino owner split, wanted nothing to do with it.
I felt NOTHING! ( actually that’s a lie, I was satisfied/pleased w/ myself that I was alive and unharmed)
My Brothers and Sisters of Metal were boisterous and celebratory! I MADE MY BONES THAT NIGHT. These guy’s came from Brooklyn (Bensonhurst or some crap hole) were messed up on something other than pot and decided to steal (3) motorcycles… Payback is a Bi–H!
The cops found ID, he was (35!) w/ a rap sheet a mile long. He was an adult! Responsible for his actions. They scraped them up and poured them into a bus and left, (1) morgue, (2) hospital. One of them circling the drain No statements, No hassles, stoopid guy gets eaten by a passing motorist. ‘He should have not crossed in the middle of the street, maybe looked both ways? that’s what the cops said to us. Street justice was meted out.
Did I ever ‘feel bad’ about it? Sure, I wish I could have just handed him his A-- and left him needing a hospital and a feeding tube but the ARROGANCE of this bunch, like ‘we has a rights to yor rydes man!’ that’s what my guy said to me. She was a beautiful HD hardtail, No year because it was just piece meal assembly built by ME in Shop class w/ my teacher and a few Brothers. MINE! Not yours. Now I want to say that shooting a person when he is breaking into your car outside and he is no threat to your person is wrong. It’s just a car. But when someone is in your face and the violence is right there and to be so arrogant as to try this w/ (40+) guys in front of their bar (and we are not sipping lemonade inside) is just sheer stupidity. Then to confront this Bike owner who @ the time I was (17) 5’11’’ 225 (and it wasn’t fat!) was a true come to Jesus moment for him. I get real calm in battle, it’s not training I just do, my mind clears, I think of nothing else but the mission. I guess I am ‘CONDITIONED’ since birth. My old man use to beat the crap out of me until I got too big for him to make a dent, thanks Daddy… Did I get scared ever? sure but the over riding emotion is calm. I took that idiot out as quick as I could so he didn’t hurt me.
that is what I felt, I knew he was trying to hurt me, his face was brutal ! and after all this was my Bike and My fight. Did I expect him to die? Hell No, but sometime Sh-- do happen!. You start something like robbing a guy and he is a good guy w/ a CCW you don’t expect to be die’n that day you think you can do whatever you want for as long as you want …NOPE.
Do any of you feel like I do when it comes to Battle? I sure hope so. Because that is what’s going to be needed soon. And yes folks, this is MY OPINION only.


That’s why they hire armed guards. Let the outside help trained in these matters handle it. I would also let the employees that wanted to carry assist the armed employees. Let them train together. Not all employees have to participate.

My thoughts are if the thugs knew armed and armored security was there and the laws changed to protect security from criminal charges and protected from civil suit by criminals family, all the better. These smash and grabs would end quickly. Before anybody jumps off the deep end, it should be reviewed by a third party. If security did wrong because of a big head put’m in jail. Not talking about a 009 license to kill here.


BTW: Did we catch this from the article"

Local police confirmed to NBC News that the three robbers seen in the video were arrested and charged with felonies after bystanders reported a robbery in an Atlanta suburb the next day.

Should every retail store, including lululemon, hire armed and armored guards?

I promise stores like this would not profit (and thus, it’s not a smart business move) from hiring armed and armored guards to protect their sweatpants.


Just like having one on your hip. If you think it’s needed, get it.

The same three guys get arrested the next day for another robbery. Lots of good that did the employees at the Lululemon store.


And when the citizens have had enough. :unamused:


Haiti’s deadly vigilante movement sees decline in gang violence -report

Story by Reuters • 18m ago


PORT-AU-PRINCE, May 28 (Reuters) - Violence by armed gangs has fallen “drastically” since the emergence of a vigilante justice movement that has seen at least 160 suspected criminals killed in the last month, a report by local human rights research group CARDH said on Sunday.

The situation in the Caribbean country remains extremely volatile as heavily armed gangs continue to drive a humanitarian crisis that has displaced tens of thousands amid frequent kidnappings for ransom, gang rapes, tortures and murders.

The vigilante movement, known as “Bwa Kale”, began after residents of the capital Port-au-Prince lynched and set fire to over a dozen suspected gang members in the early morning of April 24.

CARDH said “almost no” kidnappings had been recorded in the last month and counted 43 gang-linked murders, down from 146 in the first three weeks of April.

“Without making a value judgment, the ‘Bwa Kale’ movement has in just one month produced convincing, visible results; fear has changed sides,” CARDH said in the report. “Both kidnappings and gang-related killings have fallen drastically.”

Port-au-Prince, which CARDH estimates is now 60% controlled by armed gangs, sits in Haiti’s Ouest Department where most of vigilante killings that it recorded - including lynchings, stonings, beatings and burnings - took place.

Bwa Kale, CARDH said, likely emerged from the extreme cruelty inflicted by gangs, the ineffectiveness of the government, police and army and lack of international action.

Haiti’s government and national police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Haiti’s government requested a “rapid” international force help bolster its police last October, but countries have been wary of supporting the unelected government of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who has in turn said fair elections cannot be held under the current insecurity.

CARDH said Haiti’s under-gunned police need more concrete support such as armored trucks, drones, helicopters, weapons and ammunition.

It warned that it was “essential” for authorities and civilians to work together to fight the gangs and avoid a cycle of increasingly brutal retaliation, and recommended a study on the psychological impacts for future generations.

Vigilante groups are mainly made up of young people including some children, it said. (Reporting by Sarah Morland in Mexico City and Harold Isaac in Port-au-Prince)


NY late 60’s


Then the stores would close only keeping open stores in civilized areas. Let the monsters eat their own.


Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, same same, except today it’s all Chinese!

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My wife was a manager at the Pink store which is part of Victoria Secrets and she would witness women shoplifting the clothing articles and did not take action because it was against company policy. She would be pissed and she would say to me that she wished she had been a cop she would have stopped them. She would be so frustrated. I was a victim of a burglary and I was upset so I could imagine other people getting robbed or burglarized. I have no respect for thieves. My advice is no matter how upset you get, it’s not your stuff. Let it go.


NY late 60’s

Been there done that and never got the Tee shirt… New York was a brutal place to grow up then.


…same same, except today it’s all Chinese!

Hey Bud, They can have it !

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