Are USCCA Members required or expected to support the Republican Party?

Yeah, I LOVED the girl who told Bozo O’Dork “Hell NO, you WONT take my guns” & explained she was a mother of 4 kids, 5’ tall, 110 lbs who cant fight with her fists. She got a definite high 5 from me!! Make no mistake - ALL the DemonRATS want nobody to have firearms of any kind. Neither did Maduro in Venezuela & look where they are now😢


In his defense Trump got straightened out pretty quick on the red flag issue. I don’t believe he’s going to cave and support any RFL that doesn’t put due process first.


I have been reading and listening to people communicating over all the issues that effect

our 2A, our rights as American, and this special young Mother of 4 Children, 5’ tall, and a

FIGHTER to WIN. I ask that I may stand with you to fight against this enemy that does not

even know how to flush a toilet, much less know what a firearm is and what the true problems are

in every mass shooting that has happened. His mouth is running 100% and his computer

up stairs has blown a fuse.

Thank you for your postings. I have much to loose with my firearms and it has taken

3 years of work to reach my many goals.


William H Smith Jr

Please remember, no name calling is allowed in the Community. Personal attacks on people - including name calling - is not how responsibly armed Americans should be carrying themselves.

That includes name calling of politicians. I’m not asking you to agree with them, I’m asking you to be a good example of 2A supporters.

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Oops, you copped to the narrative about Moore thus you are intellectually dishonest. End of story.

One more time, across the board…

Personal attacks are not welcome on the Community. I am not asking you to agree, I am asking you to be respectful in your conversations.

Remember, you’re representing yourself and all responsibly armed Americans in this Community. Keyboard warriors and personal digs are not helpful to anyone’s point of view and does not positively influence discussions.


And our monthly membership dues🤪. I kid, I kid.

I wouldn’t want to be part of an organization that expected me to vote anything other than my conscience.

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I sure hope not. I’m not a wholehearted Republican. I’m like part Republican & part Libertarian. I had reservations about President Trump but then again I have a general distrust of all politicians. I dubbed it “cause for pause.” But, the older I get and the more truth is exposed, I admit I grow more disillusioned by the day.


I’m pretty sure that’s across the board for all Americans at this point, @DLVick38 :smiley:


I will be perfectly honest I am a mix of Republican and Libertarian, but I threw my vote away by writing in 2 fantasy characters from GoT. I voted Arya Stark and Lady Mormont. I couldn’t endorse Hillary or Trump.

This next election cycle and Census are for all of the marbles imo. I don’t think the stakes have ever been higher. At least not in my lifetime.

Is it just me or have we crossed over into a whole new level of rhetoric? The MSM is giving platforms to topics that might be talked about privately but not as part of the national conversation. I hope it’s bloviating, but I am worried it’s the start of a slippery slope

On the left nominees talking about door to door gun confiscation, forced gun buybacks, and wanting to disarm Americans so they can’t fight back against the government. All 3 were topics last week

On the right, a second civil war. This was a topic this week.

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Well there are those who believe “the government shall provide” and their bread is definitely buttered on the politician side. :unamused:

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Taking a point from another direction, I think that the world is NOT sliding in to anarchy, simply because too many of us have to get up and go to work in the morning. That said I am suspicious of all things that come from Hollwierd, remember these people make their living “pretending” to be someone they are not, it’s called acting and they make a CRAP ton of money because of US. I also have a problem with 20 something year olds that can protest for days before returning to their parent’s basements. That leaves the last bunch, we’ll just call them swamp monsters. These are the ones that truly make the government work in spite of our votes. Without specifically pointing at the headlines, and various readings there to, are the source OF the headlines.

I do believe we are sliding into a nation of NON party citizens as the vast majority of us are sick of both sides. Unfortunately we have a two party system at the moment so you have to pick your poison carefully. A third party or “Disney” party is at the moment a waste of a vote. Onl;y when “Mickey Mouse” or similar becomes a contender will we have a possible chance to right the ship that alternately flops from right to left.

Since I’m on my soap box … what has become of our system of free and open debate? Senators and Congressmen/women are all correct within the rules of their houses but in front of a news camera it is name calling, caterwauling with a propensity for vulgarity against not only an opponent or party but against the American people that voted for them. The terms (Traitor, Racist, Misogynist, Anti-Semite, Homophobe, Xenophobe, Pick a Phobe ) fall out of our elected officials mouths with impunity all in an effort to BRAND the person. Where has the civility and respectability from our elected officials gone? We have congress people (I hesitate to call her a “gentle lady”) shouting out in a rally to “Impeach that M-F’er” (That said I would be over the moon to be called a M-F’er in a literal sense for any one of Trumps wives that have borne his children.) There’s a commercial there…

OK I’m good.




Craig I’d like to believe you’re right but I’m not nearly as hopeful about where we are as a country today.

I hate to admit it but I expect next summer as we head into the conventions to be the most violent and chaotic time we’ve seen in the US since at least the summer of 68.

The entire political scene today is more driven by hate for your fellow man than at any time in my lifetime including the sixties.


I agree with everything you said except for “slowly”…


Problem is that, in my experience, it is impossible to debate facts with anyone in the anti gun crowd.
Everyone of them that I have tried to debate starts the name calling or tries to change the subject as soon as I present facts that disprove their ideals.
For the socialist left facts and logic do not mean a thing. It is all about how they FEEL.


This is true no matter the stance or position. It is called the double down effect, and the reaction is stronger, the more emotionally based the position being challenged is. When the position is challenged, the quantity or quality of data being provided to do so is irrelevant, and the individual being challenged will, “Double Down” on the belief that is being challenged. This is not unique to any position, affiliation, or ‘side’. Every party, every position, has people who do this. Not a single one is better than another at this.


So, what you are saying is that the anti-gun crowds position is emotionally based and therefore presenting them with facts that make a lie of their belief only causes them to have a melt down… This is especially true when they don’t have any facts to back up their position.

Yep, that is exactly what I have ran into EVERY time I have been involved in a debate, they always degenerate into name calling by the anti-gun crowd.


I’m an independent I could crap on both sides equally but if it comes to the Second Amendment I will vote Republican if I have to to keep my right.

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First, you can support anyone you choose, but historically, the Republican party has had sufficient Constitutional Conservatives to protect the Constitution.

Trump has said some things that are concerning, and yes he did state, ‘take the guns first’… and he also signed the new ban on bump stocks, which in effect violate the Constitution. It is not the bump stock, the item itself is more of a novelty and a waste of ammunition, but the action of the prohibition of bump stocks is the concern.
The ban redefines the word machinegun in the law. A machinegun is defined as a firearm that fires multiple rounds with one operation of the trigger (pull and hold.), while a semi-automatic firearm is defined as a firearm that fires one round per trigger operation. (The trigger is pulled, released and the trigger resets, before it can be pulled again, and it must be operated a second time for a second round)
The bump stock ban declares the bump stock a machinegun, and states it turns a semi-automatic into a machinegun (primarily based on the rate of fire, which has nothing to do with being a machinegun). The problem is, the bump stock only increases the rapidity of the trigger operation where it is pulled, released, reset and pulled again. It is not one trigger operation.

Now, that being said, Trump has not acted to endorse Constitutional violating ‘Red Flag’ laws, even as he did say he would look into them.

Regarding political parties, you can clearly see the differences, though you can also see many similarities of many of the politicians, but the differences are; the Democrats want to deny the Constitution. Look at O’Rourke, where he stated he would revoke tax exemptions for any religious facility that does not follow the approved dictates of the Democrats (denial of freedom of religion and putting government as totalitarian over religion), most of the Democrat candidates have stated they will confiscate or ban or ‘forced buy-back’ firearms, which means they seek to deny the Second Amendment. If you listen to them, they all want to MAKE you do as they demand, and toss the Constitution and the limited powers it grants in the waste bin.

While Trump has been supportive of some progressive policies, he has primarily been an independent for the last 30 years, and his Presidency has been on a primarily Conservative path… except for the massive spending… but they all seem to want to do that.

Remember, we are a Republic, and no law may supersede the Constitution. The Supreme Court has already ruled, A law repugnant to the Constitution is void. It is required that we the people be well informed, and knowledgeable.

Until Trump actually starts to take action and pursue Red Flag laws, he is not a threat to our rights, while the Democrat candidates are. If Trump begins to push for Red Flag laws to be passed in Congress and says he will sign it… we need to contact our Senators and Representatives, as that is where we have more ability to influence… though massive tweets might get Trump’s attention.

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One problem with saying a third party vote is a waste until they become viable and able to win, is that…until you start voting for them, they will never gain sufficient votes to win.

It is not a wasted vote, it is in fact a vote of conscience and principle. It is a vote that speaks to the two main parties.

Ross Perot obtained 19% of the vote… that woke up the two main parties, and for a time, they had some slight fear… .but they have returned to the … tell them what they want to hear, and once they elect us… do what we want… type of politicians.

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