are northern neighbors




Sounds about right. Though this is another country, it is our neighboring country. New laws never have and never will change the game … here or abroad. Hence is why they’re called “illegal” in the first place, because they already break the current laws, so how is it that some geniuses believe that more laws, stacked on top of current laws is going to change anything?"

Law abiding citizens are called that for a reason, duh! So, the ever-looming question is still … "why punish the “law-abiding” citizens for what they’re known NOT to be guilty of, by initiating more legislation that would further strip away their rights!!!

While on the other hand, the criminal element IS guilty of that which is “Illegal” yet their rights are better regarded and protected than the responsible citizen who plays by the rules. All I can do is "Shake my head at those politicians that pervert their call from “We the People” “in other lands” to enrich themselves and put forth legislation that literally have no impact or serves no one or is not well thought out, with no input from “we (or Them) the People” and delude themselves into believing that they are actually representing them (us)! Far be from me to talk politics. I just believe in common sense.


Wow…I can’t believe they would think that… sounds like some good old fashioned common sense gun laws to me…


Ok I think I figured this out. Dems outlaw firearms to stop criminals, good people keep their firearms & become criminals. Dems don’t care about criminals. Presto, problem solved.


All I can say is between my dying and me living,there is no comparison between my life and living


“Brian Sauvé, president of the National Police Federation, said the proposed legislation “primarily” targets legal firearm owners who have followed government regulations.”

Comments like these prove who the adults in the room are, that would speak truth to power. But he’ll probably be looking for a job soon.


No doubt about that!


DUH! Herein the states - the cities and states with the toughest and most restrictive guns laws, still have the highest gun crime rates!

Wait!!! They’re not gun crimes! It’s a redistribution of your wealth to the NEEDY!