AR Pistol, SIG MPX, CZ Scorpion, LWRC SMG, or simular for Conceal Carry?

Is it practical for a traveling road warrior to cary something bigger than a standard pistol, such as CZ Scorpion, SIG MPX, or AR pistol caliber pistol? What would be the pros and cons? What gear would you use to keep it concealed without a tactical appearance? Is this a crazy idea? asking for a friend.



Not sure I’d want to travel anywhere that I felt the need to EDC one of these. Wouldn’t want to have to rock the trench coat or carry a pack all the time either.

But they make some sense as a “truck” gun if you kept it in a locked case locked to your vehicle. I have a little folding Keltek SU16b for this purpose. Though I only occasionally bring it along on trips. It’s not left in the vehicle on a regular basis.


Just carry a pistol. Its easier to carry and conceal. sidearm with 3 mags.