AR pistol braces

Just wondering if anyone knows if the democrats & RINOs put anything concerning AR pistol braces in the bipartisan safer community act.

@Kenneth114 , No there is nothing restrictive against weapons, ammo or magazine capacity. Per the anti-gun folks they say there is nothing in the bill that affects our 2nd Amendment Rights.


Unless your X goes and tells the cops that she thinks there’s a possibility that maybe you might think about trying to attempt to do something to her…

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I’ve heard that it’s an 80 page bill and dems are known to hide things in the writhing.


Yes, the first chip in or constitutional rights has been struck.


I’m sure before it’s all said and done it will go to the Supreme Court.


Humans…no one seems better than the last in this regard.


This is the bill that was signed.

If it didn’t affect our rights, it would never have been written in the first place. Furthermore, it’s a gun confiscation bill! There’s nothing common or sensible about it. No matter how many laws you write as long as there are cars there will always be drunk driving.

Does Gascon still use the seatbelt enhancement when running a stop sign? Every law written after the first ten true common sense laws, have been an encroachment on our lives. Take Prohibition for instance, meant to stop drunkenness instead gave rise to organized crime! More people died due to organized crime than WWI and WWII combined. Astonishing how some laws kill more people than save them. Let’s go modern, need I say more than “Roe v Wade”?

Let’s stop with the laws, 80% of us know what’s right and wrong, 5% don’t have a clue and 10% are Liberals. Those 10% get more people killed than all wars combined since the Battle of Issus in 333 BC!

So enacting laws that ban high capacity magazines could prompt the industry to invent a stronger bullet, .22LR that can stop a tank! Necessity is the mother of invention.

If they ban they AR we’ll create the SR ( Stronger Rifle ). When the Red Flag laws take effect, every wife in the nation will be dialing 911 lighting up the emergency switchboard. How many unintended deaths will result from that?

In 1959 seatbelts were installed, 1984 the law was enacted, 1998 airbags were mandated. How many accidents, drunk drivers or hit and runs were stopped by these “common sense” laws.
On a side note; back then cars were made of steel today they are made from plastic!

Seems to me, the more laws that get enacted the more that death surrounds them! What’s really going to bake your noodle, would Neo have broken the vase, had the oracle not said anything!

Pretty soon we’re going to need laws for the laws. If that’s not a science fiction movie waiting to happen then I don’t know what is!


Very well said Jerry. Would you mind if I copied it to my Facebook page?

Ford installed seat belts in 1955. Saved me as a passenger in a rollover. Police could not believe the driver and I were uninjured. Car was totaled.
My AR pistol does not have a brace and it is not needed. Cheek weld is the answer.

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I’m glad you responded as you did and I’m extremely glad your lives were saved by a seatbelt! Truly. Seatbelts save millions, but the point is they don’t “prevent” the next accident from happening in the first place!

Nor will the newly devised, scheming gun laws. What is our recourse? Do we get to IMMEDIATELY handcuff Brandon and physically remove him from office along with all the others that voted for the feel good measure of the week? I think NOT!

I lost my turban, sorry, crystal ball ( my crystal ball identifies as a turban ) but I can tell you there’s going to be another disaster and another feel good law. Before you know it, Beto and Petey Bootajudge ( pun definitely intended ) will be at your door to confiscate your guns, I kid you not.
You heard it hear first!

These laws have absolutely nothing to do with “criminal” violence, see there is no such thing as gun violence or car violence, hammer violence, knife violence, frozen water bottle violence or piano wire violence! Trust me, I’ve lined up all my guns in my safe, I looked them square in the eye and asked them straight up, are you guys involved in any violence? Surprisingly, they didn’t say a thing, it’s the guilty doth protest too much!

I’ve never caught any of them sneaking out of the house, or so much as having an argument. The AK and the AR live in harmony side by side in my safe. None have ever expressed a desire to harm anyone EVER!

So there you have it from the unscholarly, that gun laws work as well as red lights work at prevention! It’s good old courtesy that stops people from killing one another! IMHO.

It’s obvious to me that civility is not in the Liberal vocabulary, but “reap the whirlwind” is!


@Kenneth114 , Yes you may, thank you for asking.

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I have been watching the step by step process ok killing the 2nd for quite while. Laws are meant to punish people who disobey them. The police can not do anything until a law is broken. The powers that be are using separate standards for Liberals and Conservatives. They are not even hiding it. The country is in deep trouble and may not make it to November.
As far as guns doing nothing in the safe goes, I think they are breeding.


We are standing side by side hoping we make it through November!


As far as AR braces go, there is a utuber Demonstrated Concepts that shows the advantages of using the AR pistols as well as other firearms without a brace. Concept also works great with my Ruger Charger 22lr. Very fast and accurate.

The problem is that the ATF is wrongly making interpretations on the whims of politicians currently in power. What was once legal is now illegal according to the ATF’s interpretation. At issue is the fact that only congress can create laws. I don’t care about demonstrated concepts of using AR pistols without a brace. I care about the government taking away rights inch by inch. Life is about living free, and without freedom you are nothing but a mindless robot doing what you are told to do and are at the total mercy of the government for all your needs. As of right now braces are not illegal. Congress has not made them illegal. ATF does not have the power to make them illegal but that probably will not stop them from usurping the power to do so and the sheep will lay down and take it. I know that if they do make this move, I will be donating to whichever gun rights organization that takes this up through the courts.


You know, maybe Brandon is right ( try not to laugh ), but maybe we should build and purchase the arms that were available to the general public, militias, for lack of a better word, and get one of these babies installed in the garage! I’m all for muskets and Gatling guns. They sure don’t look scary! No pistol grip here! No extemporaneously mounted widgets! And they’re not even black! Ok, modern ones are black.
Should be compliant nationwide!

Only the guys behind it look scary! Not scary, serious about their country! Serious about defeating the enemy!
Just check out those high capacity spokes! Probably not Kalifornia compliant, I’ll take mine with Firestone tires!

I am willing to make some sacrifices, the standard magazine capacity for the Gatling gun was 20 rounds hastily fed by four men ( we are all out of men, but that’s another story ) allowing the rate of fire to be 200 rounds per minute. Let’s go Brandon!

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They can, actually.

One of the often overlooked functions of a seat belt, when worn by the driver in particular at least, is to secure the driver firmly in place at the controls. In evasive handling situations, accident avoidance, slippery sliding conditions, etc, the belts tension up and lock you in place…where you are better able to retain or regain control of the vehicle, thus avoiding some accidents in the first place.

Can’t do that very well if the first swerve has you flopping around the car like a ragdoll

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You’re absolutely right, on a number of occasions, that I’ll admit to, if I were not one with my vehicle, I would have been one with the asphalt!

It’s actually the reason I started wearing my seatbelt, based on my driving habits, I mean skills. I like to be locked in and become part of my vehicle while driving! As my wife so delicately puts it, hurtling through space.