AR Or Shotgun for home defense

How much experience shooting each of the options does your wife have?


For me it is about what I was trained and proficient with. First would be my 9 mm pistol 147 grain HST. Second pump shotgun number 4 buck short barrel. Last would be a toss-up between my Henry lever action 357 Magnum for my cmmg mutant 762x39

First off I would hope my outside cameras and home security system as well as my 80 lb black mouth cur would deter most Intruders. Hopefully that would be all it took.


12 ga pump w/00buck, flashlight

pistols, tomahawk, K-BAR, whatever I can grab

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I run a 10.5" suppressed AR loaded with federal XM556FBIT3. It’s an extremely expensive (and hard to find) load, but it’s one of the best short barrel 556 loadings out there. My wife shoots an AR pattern gun better than anything and it gives either her or myself an advantage of outgunning any assailant entering our home. There’s a massive amount of misconceptions on scatter guns; I constantly hear the stereotypical fudd one liners like “you don’t have to aim a shotgun”, “just racking the pump will scare em off”, or “shotguns don’t overpenetrate”. All if which are fuddlore that aren’t backed (or even disproven through) science and/or scientific research. Any effective weight shot is going to penetrate household barriers just as much as handgun and small bore-high velocity rifke cartridges like 556. I choose 556 because it offers outstanding terminal ballistics and doesn’t penetrate barriers any more than other choices out there. What it offers greatly outweighs any of it’s drawbacks in a home defense scenario.