Appendix Carry

I’ve gotten so used too 4 ‘O’ clock on my waistband that in the event of needing it I would be afraid that I would go to my usual spot.

Now, I do have a buddy that’s all he uses and recommends…

It’s preference and what one is trained to pull from. I would say to get a lot of practice going from one to the other.


AIWB without question. S&W Shield 9mm or my Sig P238.

NO MATTER how or where you carry, trigger discipline is a must. If you are not well practiced at trigger finger placement, usage and knowing when to put your finger on the trigger, it’s dangerous, just maybe for someone else and not you.


I have been trying to get used to it but I find it uncomfortable. I do use a purpose built holster but I have to much gut and find myself adjusting the combo way to often. My favorite carry method is a good pancake at 3 to 4 o’clock or pocket with a Mika holster. No matter where anyone carries the trigger needs to be cover and secure. My appendix carry is with a Trex and a sig938. Maybe if I lost some of my gut it would be more comfortable.


Appendix carry is just as safe as any other form of carry. You can be careless or careful carrying in any position.

There are concerns with flagging/shooting yourself or others with cross-draw. There are concerns with shooting yourself in the tailbone/spine if your holster is in the 4 o’clock position and canted. There are concerns about shooting yourself in the leg with carrying at 3 o’clock.

You are carrying a lethal weapon. If you are lackadaisical with it, there can be serious consequences - NO MATTER HOW IT IS CARRIED.

You should always be inspecting your gear and making sure nothing is in the holster with your firearm - that is not an appendix carry only concern.

But just because you don’t care for appendix carry doesn’t mean it isn’t as safe as any other form of carry or wrong.

I get that some of you don’t want the firearm pointed in that general direction. I’m fine with that. I’m also totally fine with people carrying appendix - and I am currently trying to find a holster that works for me to carry appendix (and a workout routine that I can stick to so I’m more comfortable carrying appendix :smile: ). I know a LOT of people who carry appendix - they are well educated and trained - a lot of the trainers I know carry that way as well.


I find it personally highly uncomfortable. But that’s a personal issue that will vary from person to person. There are some benefits to appendix carry, but I do not believe the rewards outweigh the risks. The risks are possible death should you ND.


If you decide to carry centerline make sure you have a reliable holster not an Uncle Mike nylon. When you present from the holster or go back into the holster make sure you are pushing your hips forward. Doing this will open your hips up and the muzzle of the firearm will be pointed away from anything important.

I know the rebuttal will be that after you holster it is always pointing at important things. Everything we do has a trade off. Find the carry method that is the best trade off for you.


I agree 100% with what @Dawn stated. I carry AIWB and have for quite some time. You have to train with it (as with any of this), but I find it to be way more comfortable, easier for me to access, easier to protect from someone else accessing, and faster. Those are all my opinion of course. I also wan to add that there are risks of death with any ND and I personally know someone who’s son tragically died from a ND at the 3 o’clock position. That’s why we have to stay alert to what we’re doing at all times, and not become complacent.


I’ve grown to really like appendix carry above all other methods. I’m a slim guy and the printing for me seems minimal. Also like the location so that I could reach my weapon and present forward if I’m saying that correctly.


Also if someone puts you in a bear hug you can still get your weapon with appendix carry.


That’s a fair opinion, and certainly accurate as far as not point at gun at anything we’re not will to destroy. Re-holstering is certainly dangerous, and I like what others have said about taking care to not get a piece if shirt stuck in the guard.
I see it a bit differently, though. I see the holster as a case. The gun goes in safely at home before the holster is inside the waistband. Then the holster and gun, as one unit, are placed on the carrier. Each re-holstering is done by visually inspecting the holster and pushing hip forward to avoid sweeping groin or leg.
I totally understanding opinions to the contrary and respect all their safety concerns.


Appendix carry is uncomfortable for me and besides that, of all body parts a gun could be pointed at while carrying, my goods are to remain well away from any potential discharge capability.


The difference between the shoulder holster and appendix carry is that with a shoulder holster the muzzle is never pointed at you but with AC it’s always pointed at some portion of your body until it’s removed and pointed down range.

For whatever set of reasons AC has become something of a fad but it’s not a method I will ever encourage or practice myself.


Yep, Appendix IWB, and depending on the holster, cross draw AIWB.

For me, its pretty much the only place I can conceal - one of the issues of carrying a larger firearm and being heavier than I’d like, with girl curves and short waist pretty much making anything else either massively printing, or require me to get the gun all the way up into my armpit before clearing the holster.

When I first started carrying, I was reluctant to carry one in the chamber because of pointing at stuff I didn’t want to shoot, so I get it. More training, more practicing, better holster options, and understanding how my firearms work and where the risks are… I’m good with it now.

In the carry corset, I’m cross draw AIWB and it’s seriously the MOST comfortable and secure setup I’ve ever used. It’s a draw that does take more practice though. With the kydex holster, I’m experimenting with 1:30 strong side or 10:30 cross draw with either being relatively comfortable. I may end up having a custom kydex made as I like a bit more cant than is typical.

I did learn some useful modifications to my appendix draw at the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals instructor course - added to my speed and to not sweeping where I don’t mean to as I get on target.

Reholstering is ALWAYS a deliberate action and involves eyeballs as well as brain and attention.


Probably the least popular but also the least damaging to the body should an errant discharge occur is when a person uses an ankle holster but again not many use this method.

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@WildRose As an instructor would you train proper technique on AIWB if a student asked?

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I prefer to avoid the liability. I’m happy to recommend other sources they can seek out but I’m not going to teach them to do something which is inherently unsafe.

@WildRose @TexasEskimo It is part of the USCCA curriculum, if a student requests it, and is included in the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals when a student is carrying appendix. The discussion of safety and trade-offs has to be had of course.


You have to teach it as an option but that’s it.

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For those who are thin like me, it’s almost the only way to carry without printing. Unless you want to wear an over shirt all the time.


@WildRose I get that it’s not your preferred method of carry, but stating that it is “inherently unsafe” is a strong objective statement that implies facts back it. Do you have any data showing that AIWB is actually any more unsafe than a 3-5 o’clock or shoulder holster carry as I have been unable to find any. You are, of course, perfectly in the right to maintain subjective opinions if not, but I’m curious of the facts surrounding the opinion.