Appendix Carry Advice

This may just be a result of my ignorance… but I cannot help but to think of the obvious accident happening when carrying appendix. Does one ever get used to carrying in this position? If so, how?

3&4 o’clock are more mentally and physically comfortable, except when the print of the firearm can be seen.
But appendix is way more convenient for me majority of the time, especially in warm weather and especially for my body type.

…with all this being said, I rather be uncomfortable and protected, than comfortable and not protected…but the thought of an accident stays in the back of my mind.

Any advice?
Thank you for your time.


Lots of discussion is already available on this subject. Here’s just one that might help you out:


Thank you!


The thought of the possibility of an accident should always be in the back of your mind. Don’t ever lose that edge!


I just want to state that 3 O’clock is on your hip bone and may cause pain after a time of wearing it there. 4 O’clock is better but 5 O’clock starts impacting the way you sit and may cause hip pain. Appendix is the most unlikely position to cause back or hip pain.


I have been carrying concealed for over 40 years, no neg discharges, practice practice train train. In the beginning I was slim and trim and have gone through the ‘love handles’ and the 25 lbs overweight. If lightning strikes and a holstered firearm discharges, it is going to leave a half inch or more ‘trail’ across parts of your body. It’s going to hurt!! Without debating standing up, sitting down, leaning left or right etc etc, it may not really matter what “o’clock” you carry at. It’s a matter of what body function you are putting at risk. At 65 years old…I do not want to loose a hip joint or 8 inches of…tail bone. 40 years ago I did have different priorities. Maybe carry position is age regulated.


There are several threads in this community on appendix carry. Some folks just can’t get past what the barrel is (not really) pointing at, and if you can’t get past it… well, just don’t carry that way.

Warrior Poet has a good video on the topic.


@DeeB ,
I’m in the process of switching from OWB 3’oclock and IWB 2 o’clock to AIWB.
Having a good holster, AIWB seems to be the best carry option for not winter time . In my case it’s the fastest draw and less printing.
Speaking about the safety. As I mentioned - GOOD HOLSTER… that’s your first safety. The second safety is your brain - think ahead, how to reholster, do it slowly and be sure the holster is clear. There is no way your firearm will fire if you know what are you doing during the process of handgun manipulation. And definitely it won’t fire, once sits in holster.

There are no such things. Accidents happen when you have no idea what are you doing. Rush, ignorance and negligence - these are the reasons of accidents… but being well trained responsible person you are far away from those things.
If you still feel not really comfortable with AIWB, just walk with unloaded firearm for few days and you will see there is nothing to be worry about. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve seen more dangerous situation when people reholster to 3 or 4 o’clock - they try to put handgun into the holster not knowing where the holster exactly is, pointing the muzzle everywhere.
When you carry the holster in front of you, you automatically look down and see if all is clear before holstering the firearm.