App - Important change needed.

Every second of time is precious and counts when you need to make an emergency call immediately after an incident. I keep the USCCA app on the home screen of my smart phone so that I can quickly and easily find the emergency number to call immediately after I call 911. But in looking at it this evening, I see that it’s not really quick and easy to find. Instead, you have to click on the menu button and then scroll down to find and tap to open the Contact page, then tap again on the number on the Contact page to put the number on your phone’s dial pad, then tap the call button. Not sure how well I’d be able to get through that process immediately after an incident, especially with a crowd gathering, and just as likely as not to be an angry crowd screaming and disturbing evidence.

We need to have the USCCA emergency number in great big bold numbers with a “Call” button right there on the home screen of the app so that when we launch the app in an emergency, we’ll be able to get to the number quickly.

I guess we could memorize the number, instead. But some members can’t do that. Same goes with placing a file document or folder on the homepage of the smartphone with the number being the name of the file or folder. Some members can’t do that, either. Or we would write the number somewhere on the protective case of the smartphone.

Oh, well. We’ll see if USCCA fulfills this request.


I completely understand the point you are making. I will pass that along to the app development team as they are in the process of constantly improving the app. We also have the after-incident information right on the back of your membership card. This includes instructions and the number that one should call. If you or anyone else needs a new membership card they can always contact us at 877-677-1919 to request a new one.


I have the number programmed into the phone and set as a favorite. When I go to my contacts it is right on top.


Thank you Tyler. That can be helpful in some situations, like if you don’t have your phone but have to use someone else’s phone. I keep my membership card in the first photo slip of my wallet, with the backside of the card showing with the phone number showing outward.

Please ask management to move the phone number to the top of the card and show it in HUGE font. It can take the place of “Post-incident Instructions.”

Please use a different font. The font that USCCA has chosen for the phone number makes the 677 part look like 877.

Also, put it again in HUGE font on the front of the card, too.

Just as we are all constantly being told, “Seconds count.”


Fish, great suggestion. I’ll do that. Don’t know why I haven’t already thought of that.

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I’ve placed mine in “favorites” just under “911”


Here is what I do.

My phone’s emergency call page, the one that lets you call certain chosen numbers or dial 911, without even unlocking the phone, looks like this


I think I am going to add this to my Emergency Call screen. Even though I have memorized the phone number to call, and have it saved to my phone’s contacts, this seems to be a much better plan. Thank you for sharing this.


I obviously have the phone number memorized as well lol, but I like this method because I can make the call while keeping my phone locked.


Thanks, Nathan57. I didn’t know I could add a number to the emergency page. I always thought that pressing the Emergency Call button on the locked screen would automatically call 911. I didn’t know that it would take me to a separate page where I can add numbers. So, now I’ve added the USCCA number to that page.


Good points, I noticed that. So I just called the USCCA 24 hour help line. Then saved it/ named it USCCA, and keep it as one of my most recent top 5 call numbers, so every time I make a call. it’s right there visible. Of course, I’m lucky to have a SmartPhone.

But give that number to your family too, along with your member ID number.

I used the card on my SD issue in Wa. State,Had a friend to call he # for while the LEO was getting my details

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