Phone Practice!

While we all partake in practicing draw techniques, dry firing and shooting the range. Do you practice drawing your cell phone? How do you make a call with a mask on? Do you know how to make an emergency call without unlocking your phone?


Belt clip easy clip in and out.

Call easy on flip up bypassing password, Bluetooth headset so punch numbers, dial and clip back to belt.

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Sadly and admittedly no! Unfortunately I don’t practice that. If you use a passcode on your phone (apple) it’s at bottom left for emergency services!
I would need to completely rearrange my pockets and the location of all my EDC gear. Bad thing is my phone is located back pocket, draw hand!

@Scott52 my point exactly. Thanks for sharing! I EDC at 3 o’clock with my phone at in my back left pocket aka 7 o’clock. On the iPhone X and higher, if you press the side button 5 rapid times, it will initiate an emergency call without having to unlock it.


my wife’s phone has the 4 digit password to unlock your phone. she has the finger scan as well. If you set it for the four digit passcode to unlock your phone, You can program it to call emergency when you use the finger scan.


Why is the mask an issue? :mask:

I’ve read plenty of incident reports where people were unable to manipulate their smart phones due to shaking hands and poor dexterity and/or the inability to “remember” how to dial 911 on their phones. It isn’t something you do very often. After an adrenaline dump, that can be a whole lot bigger ask than most of us realize. Practice…rehearsal…repetition…is the best insulation against this sort of panic response.

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@Ken38 I posed the questions for that very reason. Phone placement and access must be part of ones incident training.

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@Ouade5 Masks disable face recognition which prevents the phone from unlocking which then requires typing your 4-6 digit PIN. Adrenaline, shaking hands, tunnel or foggy vision, one needs to know how to summons help with little effort. Not to mention, taking your eye off of a bad guy you’re holding at gun point creates vulnerability.

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Happy Birthday @Marrio. Yes, I have. Lessons from law enforcement come in to daily living. All tools secondary to those used in actual defense of self are kept in reach of non-dominant hand so weapons can be kept in the dominant hand.

On your iPhone, if you keep pressing the power button quickly it will make your emergency call.


I have always wondered… If they have fixed this issue?

When mobile phones and different phone companies came out there was the issue of dialing “911” did not get you to your local dispatcher!!! Have they fixed that or is it still an issue for cell phones???

@MikeBKY Thank you for your contribution and birthday wishes!

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Part of practice routine should be removing one’s mask when not required.
I see people getting used to wearing one and I refuse to be like that.
For people with glasses, that’s even more crucial as fogging up results from wearing masks.
Every little detail counts.

There is many truths in your statement. The only pushback I’ll offer is that be never knows when the need will arise to draw their firearm mask on or not.

Oh. I didn’t get it because I don’t use face recognition.
I have it turned on, but I find it too unreliable. I can swipe my pattern without looking.

EDIT: Also, we can call 911 without unlocking our phones. Can’t exactly rehearse that, though.

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