Accidentally called the "text message" number, is this normal?

I wanted to stop the auto-renewal of my membership and accidentally called the “Send us Text” number: 1-877-720-7798

I was first given an automated message about a $100 credit or something to that effect and to claim it by pressing a number. Then it had me press any number to speak to someone. I was greeted by what I assume was a call center outside the U.S (he had a very thick Indian accent) and I had to give my name, address, and eventually bank account information for “verification”. Once I did, he said it would take about 60 seconds and then while he was on the line an automated voice asked me to repeat the information to again “verify”, but by that point I thought it seemed awfully suspicious. I ended the call and saw that there was the regular support number for USCCA and called and had everything taken care of and told them about my conversation with the text message number and she said they’d investigate.
Just curious if anyone else has had this sort of situation occur, whether they also called that number or if when they texted it, it asked them for the same information? The number is on the Contact Us page for USCCA but asking for so much information, especially bank account info, seems very shady.


I would be having this conversation with my bank if it were me. Just sayin.


Hey Aaron, thank you for reaching out about this. I’m sorry that happened.

This was brought to our attention yesterday and we are actively working to find more details and resolve any issues there may be.

As a friendly reminder to all, when our customer service team verifies any information on your account we need to verify at least 3 things on your account. These would be either your phone number, email address, shipping address, member number, or the last 4 digits of the card you have on file. We will not ask for all the numbers to your payment information unless you are adding new payment information to your account.

You are always welcome to contact our main line number (877-677-1919) at any time if you think a call sounds suspicious.


Yeah, what Robert said. If you gave out any informan that could allow someone to access your bank account, I’d be at the bank changing my account numbers ASAP.


Definitely contact your bank immediately if you gave any banking/payment information to them


Thank you for the feedback. I’ve contacted my bank and they’ve frozen the account for now. Still waiting to hear back from Delta Defense support on their investigation.


That’s a good start.
Hopefully, you didn’t give any information that would compromise your identity (birthday, SS#). Otherwise, you would need to go to Experian or some other credit rating agency to ensure no fraudulent activity is going on right now.

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Pretty sure I didn’t give my birthday, and I didn’t provide SS#.
Still very strange considering the number is listed on USCCA’s Contact page, so I’m very curious to hear what they say after looking into it.


@Aaron141 Welcome to the community, hope you get things resolved quickly.


Holy crap! It is dangerous to give anyone in a call center your bank account information.

Phone scammers are responsible for stealing hundreds of millions of $$ from people in the US ever year and they are rarely, if ever, investigated much less prosecuted for their crimes. The reality is that anyone who uses a phone to steal from someone commits a crime for which there is no punishment as US law enforcement turns a blind eye to such criminals and crimes.


Received an email that they are still looking into it and should have more info on Monday. Seems like a big deal if it’s taking this long to investigate. I had my bank account number changed today and haven’t had any sort of issues since the call.


I get so many scam emails and text messages every day it’s ridicules…

free this or free that etc… or they have my password or some such…

even had the failed delivery of some order I supposedly placed message several times…

delete and place em on ignore/block…

NOTHING IS FREE!!! NOTHING!!! someone has to pay something!

Nothing is free when they ask for your bank info or credit card number

Received a call from Delta Defense today, turns out that number to text is not in any way linked to that same number when you call it, and they’ve removed it from their contact page. Hopefully no one else made my silly mistake of calling it instead of using it for its intended purpose, but going forward there certainly won’t be a way for that to happen.


And this is when I learned that owning the rights for texting to a number and calling to a number could be separate.

I for one never would have know/guessed that.