USCCA membership - Apple wallet

App used to allow to import membership card into Apple wallet which had instructions on the back.

It is a useful feature and I don’t think would cost more to enable in app.

Can we get that back?

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Likely not anytime soon, but it is known that some want it.

I recommend saving the phone number in your phone and also trusted friends/family’s phones. The instructions on the back IMO should be memorized, they are fairly straightforward. You could also take a screenshot of the instructions while on the website and/or take a photo of the back, and save it as a favorite so you can get to it quickly.

It’s basically three things…call 911, call Delta Defense, you will cooperate 100% but first you need your attorney and do not talk further without your lawyer present



It is a useful feature and one of the selling point.
It’s about how efficiently and effectively you can react in critical situations.

Anyways, this is another one I wonder why they would remove it…