Any Oklahoma conceal carry license holders? How long did your license take?

Just put in the paperwork today, was told 60-90 days. Anyone take less than that time period? Are there any actions that need to be taken after you get the card. Reason I’m asking is because I recently enlisted in the national guard and I go to basic training Jan 24.

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Don’t know about OK but in Utah the rule says they have 60 days to either issue a permit or explain why they denied it. It took my 59 days to land in my mail box.


Mine took around 90 days or more due to fingerprints rejected twice and then I had to go to OSBI in OKC so they could take the fingerprints. They just used the old ink pad and roller, the prints looked worse than the first two. The guy said I guarentee these will be accepted and they were. In the meantime I switched my Texas license to non-resident to fill the void and got that back before the OK license arrived. I don’t know what their hold up would be since they only issue resident SDAs. Unless a delay on the FBI side.

Once you get the card thst’s all you need to do.

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Did you have to call or anything after you got it? Because I’ll be at Basic training if mines takes 90 days.

The only interaction I had with the license folks at OSBI was when they rejected because of finger prints. I even went to one of their approved finger print sites and they sent digital copies to OSBI and they were rejected. If your application is accepted and they send the SDA license your all set. Good luck in basic.

Continue to check the status on the OSBI website. Mine took a little over a month. Congrats on your decision to join the guard, it’s still paying off for me all these years later!!