Any Los Angeles county ccw’s

Hi all,
I’m new to the group with platinum membership as of mid March when I picked up my first ever firearm. Quite a revelation. I’ve learned a lot in this downtime about the machines, the culture and the laws. Sorry for the long post…

I thought if there are any Los Angeles concealed carriers, good chance they might be in here.

So as the free folks may or may not know, California is actually overall a shall issue state- except for the most populated counties. Los Angeles county being the most impossible. The sheriff here will only issue to LEO friends, judges and high donors to the RE-election funds or so I have been told. Also people in extreme documented danger. In other words you may as well have had to attacked it actually have a reported and verified threat on your life. Last time I looked, bad guys don’t give you notice.

Are there any LAC holders here? If so can you give me some pointers? Self defence is not good cause here. There are some items on the may-issue requirements I may qualify for. I work as a producer in the music industry. Travel to high profile studio sessions, some of which involve artists and crews that are definitely carrying in a fashion against the law of the area. And with that comes activity of an unsavoury kind! I’ve been in situations where people have shown up at studios armed with the intent to caste harm. There’s always the assumption a lot of cash is in the room an there’s also all of my equipment I take with me from my studio to others. My studio is not in a great area either. Any attack on me would be over before I could even get my phone out and dial 911. I think I’m out of luck even in that scenario. Unless I was actually attacked or shot. Then what’s the point? Yes you can carry on private business property which I do now. Plus everything is closed anyway. I’m more interested in carrying everywhere. Especially now with crime up and 4000 prisoners released early. Basically Id like to exercise my rights.

This is my daily life. Pays well but it has its risks. I swear I need to get into the country music scene!

So this post would be directed at a very small or non existent number of people here. Or maybe there’s some gun owners in LA that can share their experience of being denied.

I love reading all the posts of normal people living their EDC life without fear of jail time. Hoping we get a really good 2A sheriff in 2022. With the hundreds of thousands of new gun owners here in SoCal I think there will be quite a shift here after everyone realised what they voted for was a dumb idea!

Thanks and stay safe and well


I’m not in LA, in Riverside, but when you apply, expand your written needed carry areas to beyond just work places, or you may get a permit to carry only at work… ie: you often go to dinner or out at night to good places with good folks, but that other not so good folks also frequent them (being the big city and all), and you need to be able to protect your wife, girlfriend, friends, kids, whoever. Similar in theory and purpose to an off duty LEO. They have risks outside of the job, because of their job.

This was the in-person coaching given to me by the sheriff interviewer.

Alternately, move to Orange, Riverside or SD county, get your CCW, and just work in LA. Permit is good state wide.

Good luck.


Yes I hear those counties are way more friendly. And yes, my written good cause essay will be a literary masterpiece! You bring up some good options though. We just bought a house so moving is out of the question. Plus the commute from these counties for my wife and i would be disastrous! My daughter is in a great school etc. Thank you for your pointers!


Stevo123, I left Calif. more than twenty-five years ago so my input needs to be taken with agrain of salt.
My advise is to talk with a friendly LEO and I might add they are many. Talk with owners of gun clubs, gun shops and shooting clubs, they will be on top of the needs and laws, they have to be on top of them. I belonged to a shoolting club many years ago and you can make som very good contacts. Being in the business you are you are awear of good contacts.
The best we can hope for is a return to the California I grew up in many years ago.
By the way my grandson is in the music business as a audio engineer, still going to school and working as much as possible. He stills lives in Southern Cal.

Good Luck



All good advice. I’m actually about to join a club I’ve been practising at for the last 2 months. I’ve met some good instructors there but with the social distancing, it’s all very unsocial. They have a nice restaurant etc so one we get back to normal I think you’re right.
Also I’m always in need of good engine students for recording sessions. If he’s interested I could maybe get home some work

Thanks sir


Im in the process of taking the required class for a CCW in Los Angeles county. I have heard its next to impossible to get one without showing you are at risk. As a Real Estate photographer I go to 6 different counties in Southern California and to some pretty bad neighborhoods. I carry a lot of expensive equipment and have had my car broken into, physically threatened, and shot at twice. But I have no police reports, because most of these happen in areas without cell reception, and when I did call 911 for being shot at, no one answered for about 2 minutes and when I did get someone they sent the cops to the wrong place. So are there any suggestions to help in my process? Things in LA are not getting better especially with this new DA

Are you living in Los Angeles city or are you in an incorporated city within the county?
If you’re not under LAPD then apply with LASD before you do the ccw training. Sheriff AV has lightened the giod cause to almost yellow on the map. You sound like you’re now falling under that category.
Follow the calguns ccw thread for lots of great info.

If you’re under LAPD then they will deny you. Take the denial letter to LASD and you will note thank likely get it. It’ll take some time but it’s definitely not the same as it was.

My Local police is Glendale PD. I was told If they reject it then I should apply at the Sheriffs station.

Hey we’re neighbors! I’m in Tujunga !
I’m going to find some info for you. I believe that Glendale PD you can bypass and go straight to LASD. A lot of these incorporated cities have agreements with LASD as it pertains to ccw permits.

Let me find the thread but should definitely sign up for Calguns if you haven’t already.

Here’s the link to the ccw thread.

If Glendale PD says you have to apply there first do it quickly so you can get the denial letter quickly. I have to do it through LAPD and can’t get an interview till April. It’s terrible.

Technically I live in the Glendale portion of or La Crescenta, so we are really close. Have you take the class yet? Im signed up for first week in march

I’m not signing up for any classes until they give me the go ahead. I think that’s what is recommended.
Either way sheriff AV is issuing. Get your denial first. I’m really keen to see what La crescenta /Glendale policy is. I’m literally 3 blocks from the Lowell boundary!

Im 5 blocks east of Lowell. The class is taught by retired-cops and goes through all the in and outs.

I will keep you posted on the Glendale process

Awesome ! Can you let me know the course details? Might be good to take regardless.

"The course is sanctioned by numerous County Sheriff’s Offices for the concealed carry of handguns. We will be conducting this training on a monthly basis and private classes can be arranged.

The course is taught by Police Officers with outstanding qualifications. The material covered will include: laws, responsibilities, ethical considerations, firearms training and qualification as mandated by law."