Another teotwaki hypothetical

My “walking around gun” would be an AR Pistol in 5.56, sidearm would be an XD in 45. My back pack is the “Gunslinger” and inside it is a G.A.P. Winchester Mod-70 in 30-06 that I have dope on out to a mile but I can leave that 22 lb beastie at home if I HAVE to. My main question is why am I walking around for 3 days?




I’ve lost interest in The Walking Dead but one thing I like was the outcome of a key event having determined by ammo produced by a key character.


There was also a walking dead episode where a female lead ran off with a large duffel bag filled with 100’s of rounds of ammo. The bag didn’t look that heavy…

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I have up on that show early on when the herd of walkers forced them off Hershel’s farm, proving they were all too stupid to live. All the time they spent there and they made no serious effort to fortify the place-no trenches, no fences, no kill zone funnels, no bugout bags or vehicles. What a bunch of dumb a$$es. The sooner the zombies eat them, the cleaner the gene pool.


Go A->B, loiter 12 hours, rtn.

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These scenarios are so dependent on what is going on. If the economies and supply chains have crashed then we can pretty much guarantee the deer will be near extinction by year 1. If I have bunkered down in my current location then I would agree with @Ferdinand1 that a carbine and a pistol that could share the same mag/ammo has alot of benefit for 3day patrol, scavenging and edc bartering tasks.

The realist answer is whatever working guns you have ammo for… or can use as a club to get ammo for.


As a prepper I have thought/planned out this scenario in depth.

So, as far as a long gun, the 10/22 would be the rifle of choice as it is light weight, reliable, easy to maintain and .22 ammo can be easy to find and is very light weight as well. It’s primary use would be for small game. In a walking around/ on the move type scenario you won’t be dropping a 100+lb deer or what not to eat. This is a huge waste of resources. You’ll be eating squirrels, rabbits and such, single or 2 meal animals. You probably won’t be shooting at 2 legged varmints as this would draw attention, you should be hiding and traveling at night. You won’t be taking any long shots at these targets.

A handgun, whereas I love my 9 and you may find 9 ammo on the way, once again i default to light weight and an abundance of ammo, the 22lr. For 2 legged varmints, you more than likely will be at a close distance and even a 9 may not stop a threat instantly. The psychology of being hit for humans, is just as powerful in most cases as the physiological trauma, and that can be all that is needed. So any 22lr pistol.