Ankle Carry Holsters and DVT

After having a DVT and PE in my past I’m concerned about ankle carry. Restricting blood flow with the ankle holsters I’ve seen could lead to blood clot dangers.

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I don’t carry anything on my ankles. I don’t bend for squat.

Best guess is bad choice for diabetics & folks with poor circulation.

I have been wearing an ankle holster as backup for around 40 years, and have never had a problem with it restricting blood flow.

I’m not a Doctor, and I’m sure some will think this to be odd, but my heart Doctor told me to start wearing compression socks a few years ago, (only during the day) and what a difference that made in my blood circulation etc, not saying they are for everyone just that they helped me, (my wife has been wearing them for years, she was in the ambulance field). Now I also have had a DVT in the upper right arm, two stints for the ticker and none of this was caused by my ankle holsters just CAD. They make all types of different ankle holsters just have to find the right one. If I walk out the door without one I know it right away, I go back in and put it on, it’s always been my EDC backup and has saved my hide more than once through out the years.

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