And this is how it happens... And how fast they can be taken away by govt

I’ve said this 3 times. He could have literally used anything as he had 12 Hours to commit his “Rampage” in.

Think about it

12 hours

Multiple guns.

Is it really a gun problem?

They won’t even release what guns we’re used? So the rifle may not have even be used. He is Canada’s version of Governor Northam. Using a tragedy to make an autocratic ban. Except he can do it by decree.

I’m sick to death of other people’s actions affecting my life.


This would not fly in America :airplane:

They did that, look out your door for American Revolution II


13 people over a 12 hour period? A person could do more than that with a flintlock. It is not a gun style issue. This is just ridiculous draconian politics at work.


I think their prime minister is CRAZY as a looney bird.Some of these people weren’t even killed with a weapon.From what I have heard he burned some of the people up in their homes.If I’m wrong I’m sorry.
Banning weapons WILL NOT solve problems.The ban we had when clinton was president DID NOT solve anything.


Haha, your looney bird reference for Canadian issues is both clever and funny!


Like I heard said by one great gun activist…

“That’s what happens when there is no second amendment” In other words it’s not a “right” as should be for them…

He went on to say, [I’ll are a little info and paraphrase]

Their freedom was handed to them as a gift.[Great Britain could not afford to maintain the providence and decided to give it over for them to occupy].

OUR FREEDOM WAS PAID FOR BY BLOOD! Nothing was given too us. Therefore gun ownership is the right of the people


In 12 hours he could make a pipe bomb and killed a lot more people or he could use a single shot pistol or rifle.