An Anecdote - Time and Gravity Are Enemies of Us All

One day when I was at the market, I passed by a woman displaying more than her share of cleavage, but the exposed tattoo she had made me do a double-take. What had begun as a cheetah or leopard now more resembled a yellow, spotted, short-eared dachshund - myohmy - go figure. FYI

I’m not a fan of tattoos on men or women. Especially on women. Bible verses convey prohibition against it.

It’s just different state of mind…

The vast majority of us don’t want to be turned into pin-cushions - why would you pay a perfect stranger to draw permanent pictures on you? I’ve seen people with tats that had to have run a grand or more mealy-mouth about how broke they are. At last glance, SC and OK bans parlors - the mafia had a ban against tattoos, also. It all boils down to self-expression - criminals with tats have brought more than casual attention from LE with theirs. Anyway, my encounter almost made me truly LOL. FYI


Stifling a laugh is worse for you than stifling a sneeze…



Never got a tattoo because I thought I might change my mind about which tattoo I got latter in life. What I don’t understand is why men have earrings and people have all kinds of objects in their tongue through their nose and places all over their face belly buttons and nipples. As far as tattoos go look what happened to this guy.

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A childhood friend joined the Navy and got an elaborate tattoo of a ship across his chest when he was BUFF. Beautiful work. Fast forward 45 years. He’s no longer BUFF, got a beer belly, and the ship looks like it took a torpedo amidships. My takeaway: think long and hard before you get a tat because it’s going to be here as long as you are.

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Some people wear them cool like my buddy<<