Ammo cabinet

My uncle came down from Indiana to help me build an ammo storage cabinet. Top 3 shelves are ammo and bottom is for shoes and boots. Sorry about the glare.


That looks awesome! Well done, @William191

Do you have locks built-in or is it just a latch?

I personally don’t have a wooden case for any of my storage (All metal), so I’m curious if you have any issues with high humidity potentially having an effect on the ammo shelf life?


Thank you. We took our time and were in no rush. It’s only the latches. We aren’t very good carpenters and the the edges aren’t completely straight thus the latches to hold the doors tight.

As for humidity, almost everything in my room is wood and I wanted to keep it going. KY is very humid in the summer and fall. TBH, I didn’t think about the humidity as we have central AC and beats the hell out of the very humid basement. My wife and I are slowly renovating a 1905 built farm house that is very drafty. New windows coming soon. I think I shoot just enough to keep the stock rotating fast enough.

Blessings to you


Put a bowl of rice or some cedar in it. Cedar is multipurpose… not only will it help with the moisture, your ammo will smell good too :rofl:


Nice, but raises the question what is better? Heavy gauge steel or wood? I like the look of wood. Worried about moisture and humidity? Just use old ammo cans, they aren’t super expensive. My personal feelings are that steel is more “theftproof.”

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This was a quick and easy solution to a piled up corner and a bonding exercise with my uncle. With most of the money going into the house this will do for now.


I like the look of wood cabinets. I kept one for a few of my collectable firearms after I bought my safe. I have guns staged in certain areas of my house… that’s a lot less secure than a wood cabinet. I suppose a criminal could break in and steal a gun out of a wood cabinet, but at the same time, there are a good number of metal safes in the market that can be broken open with simple hand tools, leverage, and a few minutes.


I like it! :+1:

I normally load cabinets with the heaviest stuff on the bottom for stability … just a thought


Psoriatic arthritis in the hips doesn’t make it easy to bend over. Ever see the ad about breaking the chains of arthritis? It’s not a lie. Age has a way of f’ing with you that you never see coming.

Edit: and thanks for the compliment


@William191 This is what I have used for years and am very satisfied, $1.50 at the Dollar Store.
I change them out every 6 months. Cheap and work great. :+1:



P.S. Made in U.S.A. :+1:


I use damp rid containers from years ago & fill them with 100% calcium chloride ( normal use for snow & ice removal, 20# bag lasts a long time) & before some folks talk about rust, it does not.


I too have a wooden ammo cabinet. I use something just like what @BRUCE26 uses. It works really well. I have a lot of it in ammo cans too with the little desiccant packs inside. Between the two, the ammo looks just great after a year.

It is inside the climate controlled part of the house though.


Haha, the ammo for my 41mag is pretty old and has ever only been kept in a similar cabinet or just in a paper bag on top shelf in a closet. I mean around 20 years old or longer. Will have to go shoot some this summer.


I have a 12x12 room in the basement, cool-dark-dry is the key. I run a large dehumidifier in the room for 4 hours once a month. For really long-term storage I vacuum-seal everything.


Also a side note, I use silica gel (normally used for drying flowers) in any porous fabric or coffee filters for ammo stored in cans.


As long as the top is secured to the wall, all is well :+1:

I am beginning to appreciate the joy’s of working around physical limitations :grinning:


Oohhhh boy, the things I could do with a room that size!

Started my woodworking projects and found that any big mouthed liberal can suck the humidity out of any size room, indefinitely, when properly placed! Metaphorically speaking!


I use that as well, except I keep all of my firearms in steel safes. I just worry to much about a house fire and it affecting my ammo, setting off my ammo in a sympathetic detonation.


Plus, no moths!

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Is it Pine or Cedar that spiders love?:grin: