America Wins

Girl Scouts organization is following the path of Boy Scouts.
Step 1. Yield to pressure from progs.
Step 2. Wait 20 years.
Step 3. It will be raining child abuse lawsuits!

Parents, take note, take your children out of harm’s way now.


At least now I can be sure we are all on the same page, or should I say script! I’m guessing the poll numbers are working in our favor, the more it looks like Trump is loosing the more people are sure to vote for him. So! Is voting 41 times illegal?
Probably no worse than going against the constitution and counting votes that show up on Jan 3rd…

No not a 6-3 but a 5-1-3 you never know how Roberts will vote , and most cases he goes with the liberal justices. My personal opinion is he has been bought a out by Soros.

I’m going to argue the premise that it’s now 6-3. In reality, it’s finally 5-4. Justice Roberts has NEVER been any kind of reliable conservative justice.


No more cookies for me.

How do you feel about making clothing out of the American flag?

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Good question!
The wearing of an actual American flag, absolutely NO. Also (even though SCOTUS declared free speech) I don’t appreciate the burning of our flag. Personally if we were caught burning the Chinese flag, they would probably nuke us! Iran wants to nuke countries if anyone portrays their prophet in a bad light!
We happen to be the freest nation on the planet, we take the bad with the good.
The American flag was meant to fly, not be worn!
Wearing a replication, reproduction, silk screen, embroidered, decal of the flag OK, I call that patriotism.


I’m all for 1A, but a flag burning feels like the last thing one would do. There are many other options, and it hardly seems like a way to make change.

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Low lifes who would burn the American flag have never served under her nor been under fire defending her.


IMO-If people like to express themselves by lighting Old Glory on fire they should feel obligated to light up first-self immolation. Lead by example to be taken seriously :+1: :metal: america


Yeah I burned a couple of flags. Learned how to do that at the vfw post. & yes they were very old & worn, saved them for years so it would be done right.


As a 4th Degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus I served in Flag retirement ceremonies. Interesting fact is that the stripes are removed one by one an burned. There’s more to it but that’s enough for now.

Biden voters attacking…

Biden voters hot footing it…

Biden voters holding a “peaceful protest” in Portland tonight.

How Biden voters see Trump supporters…
Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 4.11.57 PM


I’ve given up. I am certain mine got swept away in the Atlantic Current.

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