Alternative way to NFA Weapons

The NFA system is dumb and does nothing for safety, it seems like a cash grab by the Fed. If the government really cared about safety why not require training to get certain classes of NFA Weapons instead of a dumb tax stamp per weapon. Different training would open a whole class of restricted weapons. I think this would be a win for everyone with the increase in training. Thoughts?


If I were in charge of ATF, I would welcome your idea. A lot more people would get the training (it has value), than are willing to pay for tax stamp(no useful value), and the fed.govt would collect a lot more $$.

What, you thought ATF wouldn’t take a cut off of NFA training, or would not position itself as the monopolistic provider of NFA training?


The NFA was never about safety. It is about knowing who forked out a s*it load of money so they can come and take it back.


The original concern was supposedly that a short barrel rifle was ‘too much firepower’ that was too easy to conceal. Training people to be better capable of utilizing that wouldn’t fit their reasoning, then or now.

Ideally my thoughts are no, government required training and permission slips etc to exercise what is supposed to be an uninfringed Right is still an illegal infringement, and frankly, I would rather pay $200 to jump through hoops and get special permission than spend probably more than that plus time that’s even more valuable than that to get the training…and knowing the federal gov’t it would probably be multiple days, at a location not near me, at an inconvenient time for me, that would needed repeated in the future…nah I’d rather pay the two hundred and only have paperwork if I move etc otherwise


That’s a few takes I didn’t think of, I was thinking of just any competent training with an instructor like USCCA, NRA etc…

Some sort of specialized training that shows you to be competent with that type of restricted weapon ie not everyone can handle or knows how to use full auto or burst fire safely and proficiently. Also no need to do paperwork on each and every firearm.

Just to be clear I would be against the ATF running the training since they could make it too expensive, time consuming or out of reach and maybe even impossible to pass.

No sort of registry or list. It would just show proficiency.

With this type of system non restricted weapons safety and handling would be taught in schools: Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun.

I will neve pay for the privilege to for a weapon,i will just wait until every thing explodes and do what is called BATTLE FIELD PICK UP

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