Representatives Elise Stefanik, Richard Hudson, and Carol Miller for promoting responsible firearm ownership.


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This looks like a good idea if properly promoted. Nice that they built in some protections for firearm owner privacy. Though I don’t trust the government to not violate the laws and illegally track people.


Who would have known. when we were just kids, that political science would be so important to us as adults, from roads, infrastructure, health care, to firearms,

Encourages me to support our youth as to why good grades are so important, so they learn bout life.

How so complex, I noticed at least two Bills, one D sponsored, one R. Makes me wonder if they can work together, combine both Bills, or the best of both Bills.

One smarter item in this above R Bill, is it offers tax incentive for “training”, and adds a privacy clause; Cool. It’s also supported by the USCCA. I like how they make a case that it makes common sense.

It’s not radical. I gotta feeling it’ll be passed. You?

Kudos to the USCCA and to those R legislators, it’s brave. Though small, steps in the right direction. As with all my posts, just my .02 cents/IMHO. :hugs:


I am in. It makes sense to me


Of course USCCA is for this. Hey they charge money for certificates like the NRA.


I think it’s a good idea that more is done to encourage people to seek the proper training to safely and affectively use firearms.


I’d rather see government get OUT of the business of what we own, especially with respect to guns.

Already enough LAWS that are ignored, or manipulated/modified by the government.

I don’t need them throwing scraps at me because I comply with their wishes. All I see is masses of unscrupulous people getting over on yet another government handout.

Responsible owners are already just that.

You will never fix stupid by mandating it.