AHA Heartsaver Instructor

Does anyone happen to know how, or have any actual links to instructor courses for AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED/First Aid?
The guy who was teaching it for my company retired and we need to get some people certified in training others. As far as I can tell, the AHA considers an “instructor course” to be hands on as opposed to online, and I can’t seem to find any good links to get people certified as instructors.

Yes, I am hoping that by being the one to find the appropriate information that I will get to go to it too. :grin:

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Have you tried asking the Red Cross? They may be able to put you in touch with the proper people.

Yes, in my area the red cross just collects blood and takes it elsewhere. Not one drop stays local.

I will try and (remember to) ask my global EHS manager tomorrow and see if she has a resource, if so I will post what she has.

Thank you, i appreciate that.

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I would go to your local firehouse and ask in either the office or one of the paramedics. You may be surprised how much information you receive from them.

Is this the type of info you’re looking for? https://cpr.heart.org/AHAECC/CPRAndECC/Training/AHAInstructors/UCM_476669_AHA-Instructors.jsp

Yes! Perfect! Thank you, for some reason that wasn’t coming up for me. I blame my phone.

I’ll second that blame! Phones don’t always show everything you need. Glad I could help!

Here is what I got from my EHS person at work

Hi Don,

Here’s the link to the instructor info from the American Heart Association: https://cpr.heart.org/AHAECC/CPRAndECC/Training/AHAInstructors/UCM_476669_AHA-Instructors.jsp. It looks like there are options for blended learning (online for the “classroom” materials, and then hands-on for the demonstration portion).

You’re friend can use this link to find local training centers: https://ahainstructornetwork.americanheart.org/AHAECC/classConnector.jsp?pid=ahaecc.classconnector.home. After entering a location, they’ll want to click on the plus sign in the red “Filter your search” box. There will be a drop down for “course name” under which they can select “BLS Instructor” and “Heartsaver Instructor”, then click submit. This will show any instructor courses in the area. I would recommend Heartsaver training for regular workplace settings, however those courses seem to be less popular. The BLS training (Basic Life Skills) is, I believe, geared more toward Healthcare/Medical workers, so it will be a little more detailed, but those instructor courses seem to be available more regularly.

If they have any other questions, just let me know!



Turns out me and my boss were working different angles and he found one to get us certified for free. I want to thank everyone who took the time to help, it really is appreciated.