Aggressive man with a baseball bat -tactical analysis?

Madison, WI PD shared this video, the individual was arrested. Please pitch in with how you would handle the situation.


They are starting to eat their own. It’s not funny, but in his own words he is a "gay, progressive, Democrat.

It’s behind the Washington posts paywall, but there’s a video of it and the Washington Post even tried to say that he caused the confrontation.

What a strange world :hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Ah, I just created a topic about the incident that allegedly precipitated this.
Also, the Press calling any situation where anything is toppled, burned, people injured a protest is misleading. It falsely ascribes 1A rights to what in fact is a riot, and doesn’t carry 1A protections.


Combined the two topics. Thanks guys!

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For anyone wondering how the two are related… The guy with the bat was arrested, which sparked off more protests. During the protests, rioters decided to tear down some more statues (according to the article “one created by a pioneering woman sculptor and another of an abolitionist who died fighting the Confederacy in the US Civil War”), and the state senator was walking by on his way to the capital and took a picture and the rioters beat him up…

My number one response in all of these situations is GTFO. Leave with the quickness. All those people on the patio just sitting there eating food are a potential next target. Leave while he was distracted chasing the first guy around and don’t draw attention to yourself.

If I can’t escape, ask him to stop and then call the cops and then start filming. This is not worthy of a lethal response, IMO, because while his bat is meant as an intimidation tool it doesn’t look like he was ever about to use it during the video. If he continues following or invading personal space ask him to stop with the police on the line.

There is a fuzzy line somewhere, and I’m not sure where, that pepper spray would be warranted. At that point its up to him if he wants to use the baseball bat which would IMO definitely be considered a lethal threat by me and my response would match that.

But definitely try to GTFO and avoid the problem if at all possible.


Yes. Absolutely.


My 2 cents worth.
GTFO before he comes to you.
There are 3 interactions he has, the person he originally followed, the restaurant manager, and the customer sitting at the table (and pinned by it). The subject is bellicose, armed and gets in the face against the will of the individuals. This is pretty clearly the Ability/Opportunity/Jeopardy come together.


I believe the situation was handled well, they got on the phone called 911, I don’t believe the man was aggressive and he didn’t hold the bat in a threatening manner, yes he was disturbing the peace if there’s still such a charge and maybe intimidating the customers with his bat and bullhorn, maybe the manager for the patrons safety could’ve had them step out until the police arrived. Other than that the guy exited on his own. He accused the people inside of being racists which is his right to freedom of speech. There’s no way he used deadly physical force. One mistake I saw was the guy on the phone who I am assuming was calling 911 had his back to the individual during that time. I guess if this man had bad intentions he had plenty of opportunity to go ahead with them. So many things could’ve played out.


As the executives love to say, “there’s a lot to unpack.”

What world does one grow up in that makes them think that carrying a bat and a bull horn into a business is a good idea? I genuinely don’t get it. The generation that is a result of Oprah genuinely believes that they should be able to do anything they like anytime they like. This seems crazy (and common) to me.

If someone can carry an assault bat (obviously not just on the way to the batting cages) and it is perceived as not a danger/risk (I completely disagree), then what is the big deal about carrying a firearm openly but safely holstered? One can’t play both sides (a specialty in today’s world seen in many ways including wanting to remember the parts of history that they like or agree with, but not the parts that they don’t. Another great example is that everyone wants to drive with distractions…but doesn’t want anyone else to be able to.

If the guy made any threatening moves, it seems that from behind one hand on center of bat and other on the business end with a twist would easily remove it from their control.

Crazy, scary days.


Call 911.

Why would I need to handle it? Unless he moves towards me aggressively, he is just being a nuisance… and that does not justify drawing a firearm.

It would be interesting to consider throwing water or something on him as he is not exercising Freedom of Speech rights, when he is inside, interfering with other people and denying their peace and enjoyment. Unfortunately, taking any action, no matter how well deserved, would probably establish you as the instigator and aggressor…

Although, a PA in your ear is damaging, and a bat is threatening.

Call 911 and keep your powder dry, just in case.


Just as an update, the guy was arrested outside the restaurant. He has an interesting felony background.

So calling 911 and/or leaving looks like the way to go on this one. Could have gone very bad.

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Seems what’s missing here is people forget how bad “mob mentality” can get. Some of these folks are really out to peacefully protest but then get caught up when the chaos starts.

They sometimes get “caught up” because of the Antifa/BLM types. They have been trained to cause chaos and they look for their opportunity to stir things up. Once it gets out of control…they’re happy.

The hammer is going to have to come down at some point!