Aerosol solvents discussion

Not a fan of 'em
Too easy to inhale and that can’t be good thing
Yet more and more gun care products are sold in aerosol cans.
I feel fine soaking a patch in solvent, I even like the smell, but spraying droplets all over the place worries me.
What about you?


I was thinking about this the other day when I was working with Hoppes 9 bore cleaner. I didn’t crack the garage door like I usually do and the fumes where more prominent( I was not using a spray)

My totally unqualified and unnecessary opinion is, if the area is ventilated either should work. I’d argue I get a lot more fluid on my hands/ absorbed in my body since I don’t use a spray. I’ve actually been thinking about putting some hoppes in a little spray bottle so I can spray parts quick and let them sit.

Cleaning in the gun world fascinates me because so many people do it differently.

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I prefer soaked patch, but there are so many spots I cannot reach with patch or q-tips.
I use OneShot Cleaner which comes as aerosol only, but it’s so good… I use mask, gloves and ventilation for this part of maintenance.
I don’t like spray or aerosol lubrication, squeeze can or bottle only.

Manufacturers are trying to make everything easier to use, and aerosol is very convenient… but I doubt if it’s safe if inhaled.


I like options.

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You have options. Which option would you choose—one with a greater hazard due to delivery, or lesser, being the same solvent?
Also aerosols are generally more expensive and deposit solvents indiscriminately.

More important, which option would you recommend to new shooter?.What solvent delivery system would you want in a home with small children?

I want the option that does what I need it to do at the time. I use bleach, brake cleaner, oil, gasoline, rat poison, weed killer, mineral spirits, Lysol, Windex, and yes, even the most dangerous and enticing candies for millennials - Tide pods… My stove has flames, my lawnmower has fast rotating blades, I have power saws…

I use both aerosol and non, and wouldn’t hesitate to show a new shooter how I do it and let them decide for themselves how they want to do it. Children need to be taught about the dangers in every house, even if they don’t have aerosols, and we must take steps to reduce their access to it.

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Not denying you options—the last time I was at a sporting goods store nearly all the gun solvents and most gun lubes were only available in aerosol cans.
I guess that’s what sells. But do customers really understand the danger solvents can do to lungs?

I always clean my guns in a well ventilated place, but the solvents and lubes I use are nearly all liquids and fumes present the hazard, not aerosol where atomized droplets are the issue.

I sometimes do use aerosols, however I am aware and (I hope) take proper precautions to contain over spray and reduce contamination.