Compressed air from a can

Any one ever use it to clean out the little parts that are in the trigger assembly?

Not only there. I’ve been using compressed air from can all the time to clean my handguns.
Just be sure it doesn’t spray any water or mist …

However air doesn’t clean a lot… it’s just addition to solvent.

That was my concern…water…but seems like it would be useful for hard to reach small spaces

I’m buying from one supplier the same brand, so I’m sure there is no mist coming out. However like I’ve mentioned, the air is used occasionally.
I’ve been using spray solvent, which evaporates quickly, leaving teflon-like film. So all hard to reach parts of firearm are sprayed with it and all debris is flushed away…

Just asking. Doesn’t condensation build up in air cans after while?

What the name of the solvent you use.I haven’t used anything different for 30 years

Hornady® One Shot® with DynaGlide Plus®

I spay frame, action and slide with it so all debris drip down with it and then keep few minutes to dry out.
Then I lube whatever needs to be lubed.

I do not use it on barrel, because this one is so easy to clean.

My previous EDC -> CZ P01 was always dirty after 200 - 300 rounds. For last few months I’ve been using Hornady One Shot only. After 15K rounds, when I stopped shooting CZ, I take it down completely to clean and lube… I was so surprised when found no needs for cleaning. The firearm was like new.

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The trick is to buy a multi pack and open them all. When one can starts to frost up switch to another.


I was very tempted to use a compressed air can, but could never pull that trigger, so to speak - pun intended. I could never do it, because when I used it on other items, I feel a thin sticky residue left over, and could never do that to a gun. So I kept to the old fashion tried and true, cleaning it with a cleaning solution, patches, and gun cotton swabs. Squeaky clean.


Buy the products that don’t have the bitterant in it. That’s the residue you see.


No wonder. Thanks. :slight_smile:

That’s very interesting, thank you for that. This is why I like open forums because you meet people like @P365. I guess I kind of knew because they get cold but it’s very interesting when you have somebody that knows the facts. In my head I guess I was thinking of a compressor more than liquid gas .

Thank you though I didn’t know that. That’s cool.

I think a lot of us like Ballistol. I saw this on a hickok45 video on cleaning revolvers.

Yes, I use it to blow out dust as well to run the micro drip of gun oil down the slide groove where it attaches with the lower.

You can also hold the can upside down and blast it at unruly livestock that refuse to get out of the road in front of your truck.

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Falcon Dust Off applications include computers and electronics, and automobiles.

$21.99 with free shipping. Not Prime but other vendors on Amazon.

Or I can just use my long hose connected to my air compressor.

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Yeah, but you can refill these little guys and keep a couple in your range bag.

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Honestly, Jerzy isn’t wrong…as usual…(damn you Jerzy). Though I recommend using your air compressor and nozzle. I have use my air compressor and a spray nozzle so I don’t have to worry about any moisture being sprayed in my firearms. I usually use a lot of gun cleaner and really scrub the thing well and use the air compressor to get the remnants out. Always better to invest in something you can use repeatedly rather than disposable air bottles. Harbor frieght has a cheap’ish one:

then get the hose kit for $15 and you’re off! Compare that to $6 for compressed air cans and after about 13 cans…it’s a better deal.