Advice on holster for EDC

Hello - My EDC is a Glock 43x and I purchased an Alien Gear Tuck IWB holster for it. I neglected to take into account the fact that I wanted to add a TLR-6 light to it. Of course, now the holster won’t work, and Alien Gear doesn’t produce shells which accommodate attachments such as lights. So, I did a quick search on Amazon and came up with candidates like the Tulster, Concealment Express, and FDO Industries. Does anyone have experience with these holsters, or can offer other suggestions which will accommodate my configuration? Thanks in advance.


I also moved away from Alien Gear when I started adding lasers and lights to my Glocks. It’s quite a disappointment to see that they seem to have zero interest in adding shells for guns with common lights and lasers.

I have looked at Crossbreed holsters. They seem to have every gun/laser/light combination you can think of. I own an ankle holster from Crossbreed, and the quality is very good. When I replace my IWB holsters, I will buy Crossbreed. I know there are others out there.


I think it has more to do with the fact that they are trying to stay within certain price points. Going out and trying to add several different options for lights/lasers to the hundreds of makes/models they produce would not be cost effective unless they raised their price points.

Alien Gears’ holsters for a Glock 17 range from $43.88 to $55.88. Crossbreed’s holster for a Glock 17 without light/laser is $69.95. It seems that if Alien Gear we’re interested in the plus-light/laser market, they could beat Crossbreed on price.

After all, the additional cost is just the shape against which the Kydex is molded. (OK, I’m not a holster manufacturer, and there could be a lot more to it than that, but Alien Gear is losing some existing customers and not attracting some new ones based on their product choices.)


Love my Tulster firearm and mag holsters. I got rid of all of the others I hoped to use for EDC.

You either need the lights/lasers themselves or replicas with exact shapes and dimensions. When you’re producing in large quantities that means you need one for every make/model that you’re going to produce for, and if you go with the most common you’re still looking at about, what? 10 different lasers, lights and combos?

It’s a large investment for a potentially limited consumer base.

Now, that being said, the duty holster they make does appear to have light compatibility. However it’s currently limited to 3 models of Glock.

Now, all that being said, if they would add lights I would be pleased. The cloak owb is the most comfortable holster i have and i would love to add a light to that firearm. Until that gappens i will have to go with my little EDC Olight Baton Pro II.

My point is that Crossbreed makes it work. Why can’t Alien Gear?

You offered “price point.” Now you offer “large investment,” Neither answers the question, given the information available to us.


My current favorite is the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster - Deep Concealment Edition | Compatible with Smith and Wesson, Shield, Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Guns | for Men and Women
left or right handed. My Springfield XDS with a Viridian laser fitted to the trigger guard carries nicely.

I second OG’s motion. I have owned 2 Crossbreed IWB and 1 OWB holsters. They do make kydex molds for most popular light/laser + pistol combinations. They are a bit more expensive (on average) than most. But you just spent more than the price of a Crossbreed holster on the light. So who are we kidding?

Don’t buy any holster with plastic clips on it. But if you must, We The People and Concealment Express offer perfectly adequate inadequate plastic holsters for half the price of a Crossbreed. The problem is that these holsters rarely survive rolling around in the ditch or parking lot without detaching from your belt or dislodging the pistol. I know this because I’ve been involved in the pressure testing of these things for many years. Speaking of Alien Gear…


A large investment means they have to change price points to recoup costs. It’s literally an extension of the theory.

I’m not questioning the theory. I’m questioning why Crossbreed can be successful selling a larger variety of holsters at higher price points, and Alien Gear seems to have little interest in the light/laser-using segment of the market.

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