Adding leather to back of holster

Hi All! Has anyone tried to glue leather to the back of their kydex holster? How did it work out? What glue did you use?

Does anyone see why this would be a bad idea? My goal is to leave some overhang at the top so the gun sights and the top of the holster aren’t digging into my somewhat large belly.


Hmmm have no info on that however there is a company that makes a pad for their holsters. Clinger perhaps, I forget.

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I use E6000 on leather all of the time with great results.


Thanks Brad - that helps. There was probably 30 different types of glues in the store!

Tucked a layer underneath with E6000.

Tucked a layer underneath ringertips getting thin.

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Hey @Brad , that first pic looks more like a shoulder than a knee, if so, there must be a story behind it?

You’re not wrong. Between a great day on your tires and a brief time on your head…you will find your shoulders. lol I coach for a few track day orgs, as some of you know, and rarely have an incident of any kind. In 2019, I had two, both involved students.

The first was a student who drastically changed their line as they were nearing the apex with me close behind them, taking my line (I ws traveling considerable faster). 100% my fault for not leaving enough room for student changes. My only choice was to apply the lightest of front brakes at full lean and hope for enough grip in reserve. There’wasn’t. Fortunately, there was no bike to bike contact and I don’t think that they even know I was down behind them.

The second was following a student in another very sharp turn. They were on a street bike (limited grip/lean compared to a bike specific for track duty) and touched down hard parts (due to rider error in body posiiton), levered their rear wheel off of the ground, and you know the rest. Generally in a low side, the bike will slide quite a bit in the direction of travel when they lost grip. This beast of a bike pretty much stopped leaving no room to roll by on the inside. I was forced to jump their bike…which was unpleasant, as it ended up with me and my bike on the deck.

2019 was an interesting year…

For anyone who cares, two unrelated videos.

Goofing around with a used, new to me GoPro, not at full speed.

Being hunted by a guy who eventually makes an error. I’m on the underpowered blue bike with yellow tail light stickers.

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:sunglasses: I figured there had to be a story. Thanks for the videos, I’m going to have to check out your channel for more.

Your stories reminded me of a guy that worked at the Suzuki dealership in Dallas back in the 80’s. He was driving a 750 at Daytona when the oil cooler line broke. He was not up to full speed, but was in triple digits. He slid feet first on his back for what he described as 10 minutes :grinning: He had plates in both forearms and butt cheeks. He said he slid on his forearms till he couldn’t take the heat, then slid on his butt till he couldn’t take the heat, and back and forth until he finally stopped without hitting anything. I saw the burns on his forearms, I did not want to see his butt! :rofl: