Tight Holster? (product review)

I wasn’t happy with the composite holster for my Ruger SR22. I finally found a leather holster that wasn’t exactly made for it, but should fit it fine. Well, it was too tight, to the point where re-holstering the weapon would almost rack the slide back - that’s too tight.

When I first got into this sport I read a post about the “drawer full of holsters” that comes along with it. I seemed to be getting a good start on that prophecy. Then I saw an add on Amazon.

Foot Matters makes a Professional Grade “Shoe Stretch” product is said to work on all manner of leather, reptile skin and other such material. So I ordered a small bottle for my holster. It worked!

I rapped the gun in a thick plastic bag, sprayed the holster inside and out to near saturation, and then jammed the bagged pistol into the holster and twisted it around a bunch. (Be sure to remove the magazine and clear the chamber first!) An hour or so later it was better, but not yet right so I did another application, as the label recommended. Now that holster fits my SR22 like it should.


Never heard of a Shoe Stretch product, but glad you got the holster working.

I use plastic a plastic bag, wrap the gun in it, and shove it in the holster. Sometimes more than one bag, depending on the holster.

I have been selling off most of the contents of my “drawer full of holsters”, but will always have a few extra ones.

I have a leather OWB holster that I keep an exact Blue LEO replica of G43 in in when I am not using it (which is not alot) Over time the leather holster formed perfectly to the weapon.

I don’t have the holster with me now. I am letting a friend try it out.

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@AlexV I will check out Shoe Stretch. Good tip.

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I know with leather, one has to be careful because after a period of time they will begin to lip…


I’m not going to lie, this sounds like what leather workers call “wet forming”. They recommend a brief soak in warm water, adding your knife or bagged firearm and doing exactly as you described. Then allowing to fully dry followed by oiling with a good leather product such as mink oil (generically speaking).

Sorry if I’m raining on your parade here.

Hi @Spence,

No. No rain at all. There are countless products that mimic age-old remedies. I found the product but I didn’t know about that remedy - now I do! Thanks for the tip.

Whatever works,