A Victory Celebration Proved Premature - Snatched!

Looks as though the Chicago Mayor and State Legislature celebrated and boasted a little too early on this one. What could be more embarrassing than a Judge “permanently” blocking the Illinois Firearm Ban Act?

I believe there will definitely be a run on the LGS.


I would think the mayor and state legislature would be relieved not embarrassed they were blocked. I don’t really think they believe gun control works to save lives.

The powers probably suspected it was coming. Now comes the posturing in front of the state Supreme Court, you know how it goes. No one wants to hear “no, you can’t do that,” anymore. So, they’ll do the “cotton-eyed joe” all the way through the process.


While the Judge’s Order is good news, I don’t believe it blocks the unconstitutional law from currently being enforced.


If what you believe is true, then what does this mean?

Forbes’ hands were essentially legally tied because Illinois’ 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, a higher court, already upheld a earlier ruling granting a temporary restraining order preventing enforcement of the ban against named plaintiffs only. But Stocks said Friday’s order is effective statewide.

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I think you answered your own question " But Stocks said Friday’s order is effective statewide." The Judge didn’t say the order is statewide nor did the State or the ISRA or anyone but Stocks. I am not a lawyer so there may be others who can explain it better. Even though the judge ruled it unconstitutional the State indicated they would appeal the ruling to the IL Supreme Court. This move by the State leaves it in place. Another example is the IL FOID card was found unconstitutional over a year ago yet IL residents are still required to maintain a valid FOID. Unless you are a named plantif in the Macon County case or in one of Tom Devore’s cases I believe the law still applies to you if you are a IL resident. Not sure if you are a IL resident or not? I am and I am counting the days until this garbage law gets overturned, but I don’t believe we are free from it yet.

I will correct myself here… The ISRA in todays e-mail said the TRO covers all IL.

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