Illinois Supreme Court Ruling

There’s gonna be a lot of new felons in Illinois come January 1.

Supreme Court refuses to block Illinois assault weapons ban | The Hill


I strongly suspect the current SCOTUS is not nearly as pro 2A as many on the left and right think. They have turned down several opportunities to affirm that the right applies to common semi auto rifles and standard capacity magazines over the past several years.

They say we have the right to carry firearms for self defense but aren’t willing to set precedent on which ones.


Relying on unaccountable Justices to protect 2nd Amendment rights is, in the long run, a losing political strategy.


Relying on unaccountable Democrats and Republicans (who only pretend to care about the 2A when they are asking for votes) to protect those rights doesn’t seem like a winning proposition either.


Don’t read too much into this. The SCOTUS refused to stay or block the Illinois law until the court case is heard before it. The law was cleverly written for this to occur. It does not go into effect until Jan. 1 and it grandfather’s current owners. Hence no one is at risk of harm at this point which would be otherwise legitimate grounds to block the Illinois law. I obviously do not support the Illinois law. I am simply saying this is all “to be continued…”