Why we need to continue to support 2nd Amendment Organizations

This is why we need to continue to support and make donations to 2nd Amendment organizations.
We all know the communist keep throwing out these unconstitutional laws but, their plan isn’t to have these laws go into force but to bankrupt the 2nd Amendment organizations. (ISRA, NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO, NAGR…)
This is from Illinois State Rifle Association,

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - March 9, 2023

Executive Directors Message
Richard Pearson

In the Macon County assault weapons case, Caulkins et al v J.B.Pritzker et al, the new law has been ruled unconstitutional by Judge Rodney Forbes. Judge Forbes has issued a temporary restraining order stopping the gun ban and registry. The TRO covers all citizens in the State of Illinois, not just the named plaintiffs. This case will go directly to the Illinois Supreme Court and expected to be heard in May.