A No-Paperwork LEGAL Pistol Stock? The One Shot Stock [TriggrCon 2023]

:thinking: Not a new idea, but… $129.00 for a piece of plastic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: 3-D Printing anyone?

It wasn’t an issue until it was announced and the ATF viewed the video


Let me just put this prediction out there…

…attempting to circumvent the NFA with a “not a stock”-stock on a pistol is not going to end well.

The eye/reasonable test I apply to the preview pic from the video (not watching)…that’s a pistol, with a shoulder stock, it’s an SBR…and it either is now or it will be (legally) soon enough.

Get the tax stamp for an SBR or get an actual rifle (16" barrel and minimum AOL to qualify as a “rifle”)

I quite like my 13.9" pin/weld ar15 Rifle for example

No, the NFA isn’t Constitutional IMO…but my and your opinions aren’t the ones to go by here.

No, I don’t agree with the NFA itself nor with the ATF deciding/redeciding all the pistol brace stuff.

But, let’s not lead people into ending up with unregistered SBR’s


I can’t stand it when I click on something I’m interested in and as soon as I hit the website I am forced to accept cookies to peruse the website. They lose a sale immediately since acceptance of their cookies allows them to track and sell my browsing experience. Not a good practice in my estimation.


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