Other or "AOW" in Connecticut

So, new member here and this may be mentioned else where but I can’t seem to find it!

Having the opportunity to build/acquire “Other” firearms in Connecticut I recall there was a combination of this that you either could or couldn’t have on the firearm to classify it as either a “rifle” or “Other”

Trying to google and fight through information that is true, mostly from .gov websites, I can’t seem to find much specifically on what makes it an other or puts in simple terms for myself to understand and want to cover myself! I believe it was a barrel no shorter than 12" (to include a muzzle if pinned and welded) No adjustable stock, no pistol grip, no detachable magazine, and no fixed sights? Any sound information ya’ll have to offer that isn’t just some random wiki post is appreciated!

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Hi, and welcome. Another CT yankee here, though waking up in a walmart parking lot in VA this morning, searching for our next home in a free state…anyways, I have 2 CT-Legal AR based others, and really really like them. I did a lot of research, seems barrels must be over 12", less than 16", pistol brace(not a rifle), mandatory foregrip (not a pistol), removeable mags and flash hider are fine. Mine are 12.5" and 14.5" barrels, Fixed sights are fine, I run PA prisms with iron backups. Mossberg shockwave also legal.Check Hoffgun.com and click on “others” to see what’s legal. It’s pretty humorous, though maybe not to blumenthal :grin:
Thegunstorect.com in Waterbury had been printing up a guideline to making your own as well.


Haha I feel I saw you recently in another post on your journey! I’m actually only about 20 minutes from The Gun Store which is dangerous for my wallet, especially seeing that they have walls of “Others” I know they’re selling them legally and building them pretty much in house, but want to make sure if I end up at local range no one is going to bust balls about having it!

Safe travels and good luck on the hunt for a new place to live!

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Also, still figuring out how to navigate the whole platform, this quick link is right on the member profile page about PSB’s (Pistol Stabilizing Braces) and that very odd gray area within lengths and a brace.

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Haha, not really but okay.