A new kind of home defense system?

Home Alarm: Wi-Fi That Watches Over You | Indiegogo

Can you say “Orwell”?


Smells like a scam after 30 seconds of browsing their website…



Even if it does work as well as advertised it likely would be listening to and recording all the sounds in your home in order to figure out who is who which I find just as invasive as cameras that upload to the internet. I’d rather stick to a well proven system with door and window sensors and a glass break sensor. A doorbell camera is also a good idea though it could be accessed by criminals or 3 letter organizations to help determine when you are or aren’t home.


Yeah that looks like bunk. Crowdfunding website, claims to do things well beyond anything else on the market, etc


20% off… of what?

I would need more technical information about how it works.

They want your email address right up front… No thanks.


“Alexa” on steroids!

Hard pass, I have enough problems w/ my toilet sucking away all my deep thoughts!


I use Eufy cameras at my house. The latest versions can distinguish between humans, pets, and vehicles. When a human is detected, if the face is visible, it can match it to individuals in your household and you choose whether to have it notify you.

I’ve used it while traveling outside the US. As long as your cell phone is set up for an international data plan, you can literally view videos of your house when motion is detected or simple 'cause you want to see how much snow you have.

But, with these technical marvels is no customer service at all. If you have problems with a camera or set up, support is a dumb AI recording that merely repeats what’s in the written instructions. There’s no telephone number or chat feature where you can interact with a live human being.

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You’re not worried about someone hacking into your system to observe you and your household remotely?

Since the system in the OP seems to be a made up thing, more or less…no.

If it was real and actually worked, then, always possible

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Nope. My closest neighbor is about 1 mile away. I see maybe 3 cars a week on road leading to my house. Thieves are usually dumb as a box of rocks – that’s why they are thieves. If they are smart enough to hack my encrypted router and cameras, they have real jobs or, if they insist on being thieves, they work for telephone scammers where they can steal by making phone calls rather than sit outside my house in the snow trying to guess my passwords and de-encrypt my router and cameras.