A little bling for the bangs

Decided to try my hand at a little dress up on my two guns. It’s subtle, but my desert tan Olight pl mini 2 is coming this week and I am hoping the highlights really pop next to it. First two pics are the before, rest are after.



I did that few weeks ago… fun project and looks :+1:


I think I’d like to do that to my guns. What’s the difficulty level?


So I found it just depends on the gun and how deep it is stamped. You can use either acetone or non acetone finger nail polish remover and a cloth to prep clean the area. Then use whatever color nail polish to dab over the lettering, not to thick. Then use an old credit card to scrape off the excess, leave a little coat for now. I found angling the card in the direction your wiping left just enough. Once it dries a few minutes use a cloth of like t-shirt material, wet with the nail polish remover to lightly rub over the area until the last of the excess is cleaned off. If it seems like you pulled to much out of the letters let it dry for 5 minutes or so and repeat. If you look back at the pictures I can tell you the S&W and Springfield logo were tougher. Not engraved as deep so it look a couple of tries. I found out about this from a YouTube video might look for that first. Best part if you mess up you can just clean it off and start over. Once you’re done let it dry for 10 minutes then re oil the area because the nail polish remover will strip any oils out.

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Your guns look great, but you might want to be a bit more circumspect about showing serial numbers. Large data companies have been shown to collect that data and share it.


Ah thanks for the tip :+1:

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