A couple of conspiracy theories floating around

Pretty sure the insurrection Act was signed a long time ago. Does not need to be signed again.


"Mass attacks are when assailants use weapons or even a car to cause mass casualties. ". Obviously we need to ban cars.

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Just a health and welfare check.
How is everyone doing under this martial law? :rofl: Communication was supposed to be down. Did you stock up on a month supply of food and top off your vehicles?

Laugh all you want @mdstanzel . Im One of those people that would really be prepared, then not prepared and not be able to feed my kids.

Did I go and buy a bunch of food, a few extra can items. Sure. But something I’m going to eat anyways eventually. Otherwise all I did was organize what I already had, when it comes to my survival supply.

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I actually bought enough freeze dried food to last a month. I am already stocked up on food. I’ve practiced that for the past 31 years since I left the Army. I’d have all of the survivalist stuff if I had the money.

Thank you for your service @mdstanzel.

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