A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood - Drugs, Guns and no Cops

I just walked past these planters, maybe 10 minutes ago. There were 27 people standing around. 25 homeless druggies a dope dealer and off to the left of the picture, down by the light pole, a guy with a gun on his belt, open carry. The dealer and the armed guy were clean well kept the other 25 were obviously homeless. The dealer was actually selling as I walked by, out in the open, not trying to hide anything. I am certain that the guy with the gun was the dealers guard, standing watch over the goings on. There were regular people walking through the crowd. But do you know what wasn’t anywhere to be seen? The Freakin Police! So this goes on on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake all of the time, they don’t even try to hide it. Drugs, guns and no cops.


About 20 years ago I went for a job interview in a nearby rundown hole of a city, in a real bad area of it. Yeah, there was a cop on the street corner, watching the car in front of me stopped at a green light, as the driver was buying a pretty freaking big bag (no grams, more like an ounce) of cocaine from I guess that corners dealer. Nice bodyguard to have…and no, I didn’t take the job.


I don’t see any people. Just planters.

Welcoming the Cartels into your life.
Don’t be surprised when the turf wars start and they will start!
Check your clothing and be sure you’re not wearing opposing gang colors!


I think @Mike164 was wise to take the picture after they left. Doubt the dealer and body guard would appreciate being photographed in action.

At least it looks like they didn’t leave a mess. Some of the drug areas I see in the desert just outside of many SoCal cities are carpeted with used needles. Don’t trip and fall!


Actually that’s a Google Maps screen clip but Yes, running up to take pictures of armed drug dealers doesn’t really fit into the “Avoid conflict” mantra that we all like to subscribe to…


Look at the bright side, drug purchase is voluntary, not a tax, and then taking the drug is not compulsory, enforced by the armed guy or social credit system.

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Reading comprehension issue from the resident grammarian?

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