70-year-old arrested after bringing BB gun into West Chester Walmart says he was trying to return it

Walmart… nothing to comment here. :nauseated_face:
This is one of reasons I do all my gun related purchases online.
I bought my BB gun in Bass Shop Pro, where 75% of shoppers have threatening stuff in their carts. That was like buying Barbie Doll in Walmart :slightly_smiling_face:

However Mr. Baum added his 2 cents to escalate the problem… especially these days.


Idiots. I don’t know the details but we have a large segment of society today that simply dive off of cliffs at the mere sight of something they think might be a firearm.


Just a thought. The USCCA could do itself immeasurable good through free advertising if they’d arrange to have some of our program atty’s look at cases like this and where it makes sense take them up pro bono.


While I appreciate the idea, @Wildrose, the intent of the USCCA memberships is to assist people in their self-defense education and training and be there to help them with their legal defense after a physical self-defense incident.

As this was not self-defense incident, it would not be something the USCCA membership would be able to assist with. The attorneys in our network are not staff at the USCCA and are welcome to take any cases they’d like.


With orgs like Walmart acting stupidly as above, the rise of “swat’ing” and recent increase of Red Flag laws, might be an opportunity business space for some entrepreneurial attorneys out there.


Just continues to show Wal-Mart’s in certain markets have no business doing sporting goods businesses where their associates have no clue what the products are, how to use them, and the actual levels of threat any given item posses.

Having not having had children in my years, I have wonder what changed so drastically between my childhood in the 60’s and the generations since?

Is it the difference between growing up country and urban/metro? I’m honestly befuddled.


That is a shame!!!

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They all claim to be “Woke” but in the real world they don’t have a clue.

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Well, I went ahead and reached out to this Walmart to express my disbelief at their actions. Not sure if it will help, but it at least felt good.


@JOSE excellent!